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Are you really seeing all of Riverbed’s Social Media Stuff?

Posted by bobegilbert on August 4, 2011

Thank you for reading our stuff here in the blog.  Did you know that we also have Social Media stuff in lots of other places.  Every now and then I think it's a good idea if we step back and review them here.

  • Twitter.  You can find us on Twitter as "@riverbed".  We have about 2900 followers Twitteron Twitter right now, and there's a lot of good stuff about what we're doing there.  Please  take a minute and follow us; you can use this button right here.
  • Facebook.  We have a page of stuff on the world's most popular Social Media  outlet, including our Storytellers Contest and several news feeds.Facebook
  • LinkedIn.  Meet other Riverbed customers and discuss some of the technical issues  and other stuff that you run into using Riverbed products.
  • YouTube. Our repository for nearly 150 videos, including demos, customer testimonials, Linkedinpodcasts, interviews, lectures, and all kinds of other Riverbed stuff. 
  • Community Forums.  Join with thousands of Riverbed customers, partners, prospects, employees,  and friends to discuss Riverbed stuff.  We have  representatives from  Riverbed Support here to answer your questions too!
  • Contests.  OK, this should really count as part of the Community Forums, sincYoutubee that's where the contests are.  Currently we are running our Riverbed Storytellers contest, where we're  looking for customers to share stories and stuff with us about the impact that Riverbed products have had in their shops.  Entries even win real prizes! 
  • Spiceworks.  We just went on line with our newest Social Media outlet.  SpiceworksSpiceworks is the home of over 1.5 million IT Professionals, and the discussions over there are quite open and interesting. 
  • And of course, this blog.  Just about every day, here in the Riverbed Blog we post stuff about goings-on around Riverbed.  We have about 35 representatives from different geographies and parts of the company talking about a variety of things.  We recommend visiting the blog every day to get your daily Riverbed information fix.

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