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Stop the Presses! Survey shows that accessing files slows off-site workers

Posted by bobegilbert on July 31, 2009

Surveys can be useful, a complete waste of time, or anything in between.  Many surveys are conducted to simply validate an answer to a question that is already known.  Whether the survey is from the Hawaiian visitor's bureau asking visitors if they enjoy the tropical climate to the Jonas Brothers asking if pre-teen girls have a crush on them, surveys that aim to validate an expected and commonly known answer can indeed be a waste of time.

That being said, a recent survey conducted for Riverbed aimed to validate the well known poor experience of off-site workers that access their corporate files and applications while off-site.  While the over-arching answer was as predicted, there were some interesting findings as well.

The survey asked a series of questions of more than 900 U.S. adults aged 18 and up who are employed full time, normally work on-site and have ever accessed business files or software stored on their employer’s server/network/drives from off-site.

The survey found that:

   – 47 percent are working off-site more often now than they were 2 years ago
   – More than half (54%) concentrate better when working off-site compared to being in the office
   – Two-thirds (67%) would like to be able to work off-site more frequently than they currently do

Working “off-site” today means that employees are working remotely from myriad locations, according to the survey:

   – 80 percent have accessed business files or software from home
   – 37 percent have accessed business files or software from a hotel room
   – 27 percent have accessed business files or software from another company office location
   – 20 percent have accessed business files or software from a vacation destination
   – 19 percent have accessed business files or software from an airport
   – 17 percent have accessed business files or software from a business conference
   – 13 percent have accessed business files or software from a Wi-Fi enabled public space such as a park
   – 11 percent have accessed business files or software from a coffee shop.

The survey also found that, among employees who have ever accessed business files or software from a remote location:

   – 29 percent do so at least 5 times per week
   – 33 percent say accessing business files or software remotely negatively affects their productivity
   – 40 percent say they would work off-site more often if their business files or software would load more quickly
   – While waiting for business files or software to load, employees have:
   – checked their personal email (44 percent)
   – gone to the restroom (43 percent)
   – watched TV (41 percent)
   – made a phone call (38 percent)
   – gotten or made themselves a snack (34 percent)
   – day dreamed (26 percent)
   – done household chores (19 percent)
   – paid bills online (15 percent)

I know what you are thinking.  40% of workers would work off-site more often if they didn't have the performance issues definitely validates the application performance problem that off-site employees face, but the results surely are not nearly as high as the 92% of pre-teen girls that have a crush on the Jonas Brothers.

Luckily for the off-site workers, Riverbed's WAN optimization solutions increase performance close to the level as if they were back on-site.  Unfortunately, there is no current solution for the pre-teen crush on the Jonas Brothers.

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Riverbed performance hall of fame

Posted by bobegilbert on July 29, 2009

"Absolutely amazing and future proof"
"Faster than light.  Accelerated beyond expectations"
"My phone doesn't ring anymore"
"Dude, where's my Terabytes? (12 of them gone this month)"

The above is a sampling of some of our customer quotes tied to the unbelievable performance results that are coming in after launching the Riverbed Performance Hall of Fame contest in our online community a couple of weeks ago.


If you have a few moments, please visit the performance hall of fame area and vote for your favorites.

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Leader Recognition for WAN Optimization from Analyst Firm

Posted by bobegilbert on July 22, 2009

Riverbed recently received market recognition from leading analyst Gartner where they positioned Riverbed in the leader's quadrant for WAN optimization controllers. 

Gartner also recently issued their new market share report for WAN optimization controllers and Riverbed leads the pack in both WAN optimization market segments with a 31.4% market share in the AP WOC category and a leading 24.2% market share in the WOC category.

While the industry recognition is much appreciated, Riverbed is not taking this for granted as our team of ~1000 individuals at Riverbed continues to work on improving existing products, develop new and exciting technology, and deliver top-notch technical support to our customer base of 6000+.

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New Steelhead Mobile Innovations

Posted by riverbedtest on July 21, 2009

Riverbed announced a new product and enhancements to Steelhead Mobile yesterday.  We've expanded our offering to allow organizations from small-to-mid-size businesses (SMBs) to the largest global corporations allowing their mobile workforce with LAN-like access to corporate files and applications.

Here's a look at the new features…

Steelhead Mobile Controller Virtual Edition:

The Steelhead Mobile Controller Virtual Edition (SMC-VE) provides enterprise-grade acceleration for SMBs or larger organizations that have a small number of mobile workers interested in implementing strategic deployments of Steelhead Mobile.  SMC-VE is a virtual package deployed on the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP), a virtualized platform that provides customers with the capability to run up to five additional services and applications in a protected partition on the Steelhead appliance. By running SMC-VE within the RSP, Riverbed offers enterprises the opportunity to obtain all of the same benefits of Steelhead Mobile while eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware.  Enterprises can purchase as few as 10 initial licenses, up to a total capacity of 100 licenses, to make it easier to cost-effectively target mobile users in environments where the additional scale of the SMC is unnecessary.

Increased Steelhead Mobile Controller Capacity

In addition to reaching smaller organizations with the SMC-VE, Steelhead Mobile 2.1 also extends the reach of the Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC) appliance by increasing the total license capacity for the largest enterprises.  The SMC is now capable of managing 2x as many licenses as before, for a total 4,000 licenses without any new hardware.

Application Layer Lotus Notes Optimization

Steelhead Mobile now offers application-layer optimization for Lotus Notes for mobile workers, giving Notes users the chance to be productive anywhere. Developed directly with IBM to optimize email, calendaring, and web, Steelhead Mobile provides performance gains of 18x or more for Lotus Notes.  Together with the Lotus Notes application layer acceleration introduced in RiOS 5.5, Riverbed is the only vendor with a complete Lotus Notes acceleration solution for both mobile and remote office workers.

The security, speed, and simplicity of Steelhead Mobile further extend the benefits of Riverbed optimization and acceleration leadership to the mobile worker for organizations of any size. Use these great new features to enable improve application performance, and minimize management overhead.


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