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Don’t miss us at Autodesk University 2011

Posted by riverbedtest on November 15, 2011

AuNovember 29 through December 1st I will be at Autodesk University at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas showcasing Riverbed's stellar results with Autodesk Vault. It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with the Vault team.

Autodesk Vault is a data management tool which integrates with popular Autodesk products such as Inventor and AutoCAD. It provides a means for tracking files for management as well as version control for various Autodesk formats (dwg, revit) as well as non-Autodesk files (doc, xls). Vault server uses an SQL database backend and the client-server communication is done over HTTP.

Riverbed's HTTP optimization blade fits right into the Vault model providing huge benefits for client-server communication. In addition, we saw some great results in SQL performance over the WAN.

I highly encourage anyone attending the sessions to check out the 'Go Big or Go Home! Part3 – Extending Autodesk Vault to the Enterprise' class taught by Ross Tanner. Ross's class provides some great insights into:

  • Configuring Sharepoint for extending Vault data to the enterprise
  • Configuring Vault for the enterprise
  • Impact of WAN acceleration for Vault optimization
  • Describe what the new SharePoint integration can do for your organization
The schedule for Riverbed related talks are






Riverbed Technologies – Breaking the WAN performance barrier 

Tuesday, Nov 29th 2011


Avinash Shetty


Go Big or Go Home! Part 3 – Extending Autodesk® Vault to the Enterprise

Wednesday, Nov 30th 2011


Ross Tanner


Riverbed Technologies – Breaking the WAN performance barrier

Wednesday, Nov 30th 2011


Avinash Shetty


Riverbed is a proud sponsor of the Autodesk University, one of only a handful of companies to do so. Please come by the Presentation Theater where I will be presenting the results of our latest study and a live demo. See you there.

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New stuff in the Community

Posted by riverbedtest on August 25, 2011

We've made some changes to the Riverbed Community that we'd like everyone to know about.

1) We've created a new board called Help the Newbies.  It's a general question and answer board.  Got a question?  Ask it here.  Do you know the answer to someone else's question?  Answer it here. Don't wait for someone else to answer it; if you know the answer, just shout it out! 

The idea is that there are no stupid questions, just stuff that somebody else doesn't know. 

2) We've created a second new board.  This one is called The Community Cafe.   It's a socially focused board, where we encourage people to introduce themselves to the community.  You can tell us a little about yourself, your background, your family, and your use of Riverbed products.  (And if you have a superpower, be sure to mention that too.)

Nothing fancy required, and don't share anything unless you're comfortable doing so.

We're trying to make our Community a friendlier place.  If you have any suggestions that might help us in that area, don't be shy.  You can make those suggestions at Forum Guidelines and Feedback.

See you in the Community!

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Meet the Riverbed Summer Interns, Part 8

Posted by riverbedtest on August 15, 2011

We'd like to thank our intern Emily Pyne for putting together these Intern Introductions all summer.  This will be the last of these, as Emily's internship has ended.  Thank you to Emily and to all of the interns who participated in this project.

Rohan Naik

Department: Stock Administration

Age: 19

School: UC San Diego–Political Science/Economics major

Interests/hobbies: watching sports (go Niners/Dubs/Giants), playing baseball, writing, social work for my fraternity (Kappa Sigma)

Have you interned at Riverbed before?

This is my first time interning at Riverbed. As this internship is nearing its end, I can confidently say this was one of the best environments I’ve had the privilege of working at. All of the employees here, from our own managers to employees outside our department, have been very welcoming and open to lending a helping hand. Riverbed is truly a great company with great people.

What projects are you working on?

This summer I have worked on several different projects. I’ve updated trading plans and their respective grants for senior members of the company, worked on an international compliance project, updated employee stock information, worked with a program called Equity Edge that manages employee’s stock. 

What have you learned at your time at Riverbed?

This has already has been an incredible learning experience. Working in the stock department for a public company that trades on the NASDAQ has allowed me to be exposed to the various logistics that go into managing stock for domestic employees and also the different regulations that are in place for international employees. I’ve also found a potential career path as my manager has been teaching me about the CEP, an option that is definitely appealing to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I’ll be 24, graduated from college, and hopefully holding a steady job. I’ve always wanted to get my MBA but that is probably something I would want to get after working for a few years post-graduation. But since it’s summer time I really see myself living it up on an island like Ibiza, sipping on a pina colada and enjoying life to its fullest.  


Ryan Lundquist

Department at Riverbed: Corporate sales – Business development

Age: 20

School: Ohlone college

Interests/hobbies: Guitar, gym, surfing, outdoors, camping, partying, I’m an excellent pool player after these 8 weeks at riverbed J

Have you interned at Riverbed before? 

This is my first summer here at Riverbed.   It was a great experience, it’s a wonderful place to work!

What projects are you working on?

I’ve been doing countless projects, updating accounts in salesforce, cleaning up excel documents containing different  customer groups, adding information to customer groups where information was limited, as well as calling into Cash for RMA accounts trying to set up meetings.

What are you hoping to learn/ have you learned at your time at riverbed this summer?

 I’ve learned that working in an office environment is not so bad at all.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Working. At a company. Making money.


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Are you really seeing all of Riverbed’s Social Media Stuff?

Posted by bobegilbert on August 4, 2011

Thank you for reading our stuff here in the blog.  Did you know that we also have Social Media stuff in lots of other places.  Every now and then I think it's a good idea if we step back and review them here.

  • Twitter.  You can find us on Twitter as "@riverbed".  We have about 2900 followers Twitteron Twitter right now, and there's a lot of good stuff about what we're doing there.  Please  take a minute and follow us; you can use this button right here.
  • Facebook.  We have a page of stuff on the world's most popular Social Media  outlet, including our Storytellers Contest and several news feeds.Facebook
  • LinkedIn.  Meet other Riverbed customers and discuss some of the technical issues  and other stuff that you run into using Riverbed products.
  • YouTube. Our repository for nearly 150 videos, including demos, customer testimonials, Linkedinpodcasts, interviews, lectures, and all kinds of other Riverbed stuff. 
  • Community Forums.  Join with thousands of Riverbed customers, partners, prospects, employees,  and friends to discuss Riverbed stuff.  We have  representatives from  Riverbed Support here to answer your questions too!
  • Contests.  OK, this should really count as part of the Community Forums, sincYoutubee that's where the contests are.  Currently we are running our Riverbed Storytellers contest, where we're  looking for customers to share stories and stuff with us about the impact that Riverbed products have had in their shops.  Entries even win real prizes! 
  • Spiceworks.  We just went on line with our newest Social Media outlet.  SpiceworksSpiceworks is the home of over 1.5 million IT Professionals, and the discussions over there are quite open and interesting. 
  • And of course, this blog.  Just about every day, here in the Riverbed Blog we post stuff about goings-on around Riverbed.  We have about 35 representatives from different geographies and parts of the company talking about a variety of things.  We recommend visiting the blog every day to get your daily Riverbed information fix.

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Meet the Riverbed Summer Interns, Part 6

Posted by riverbedtest on August 1, 2011

Rebecca Hu

Department at Riverbed:  US Accounting & Operations

Age: 22

School: UC Berkeley, Sociology undergraduate

Interests/hobbies:  preparing to run a marathon, reading, hanging out with friends, reading food blogs, trying out new foods/food sightseeing, sleeping

Have you interned at Riverbed before?

This is my 3rd summer as an intern at Riverbed, working in two departments – Sales Ops and US Accounting & Operations. Through my experience at Riverbed, I discovered that I actually really enjoy accounting, which really surprised me because previously I had always envisioned accounting as boring and dry. Also, I found that the accounting team is not as boring as most people think…they are a team of really cool and quirky individuals aka the cool kids on the block! Overall, Riverbed has taught me that I would enjoy a career in accounting.

What projects are you working on? 

I help a lot with Accounts Payable and get approvals for invoices, enter invoices into Oracle, and then file checks. I also help with cash applications and enter the payment information for wires into Oracle.

What are you hoping to learn at your time at Riverbed this summer?

I’m hoping to better understand the bigger picture and role that accounting plays as well as understanding the various roles people play in the accounting department and how each individual contributes to the overall big accounting picture.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ideally, I will be working in the Big Four and have earned my CPA.

Thanks to Riverbed for a wonderful internship and the great learning experiences. Everyone here has always been super friendly, helpful, and supportive.



Amber Pineda

Department at Riverbed: Corporate Events & Direct Marketing

Age: 20

School: Marist College

Interests/hobbies: I love to travel as much as I can, but in my spare time I like to read and spend time with my friends.

Have you interned at Riverbed before? 

Last year was my first year at Riverbed and I was also a Corporate Events & Direct Marketing Intern. What I enjoy the most about my department is the environment; everyone is enjoyable to be around and willing to share their advice and experience, which is helpful since I am still figuring out what I want to do after college.

What projects are you working on?

I have been working on updating the web events on and organizing assets from the past quarter on to a Master Spreadsheet to help the Direct Marketing team locate materials.

What are you hoping to learn at your time at riverbed this summer?

I am hoping to learn more about the different aspects of Marketing, such as the differences between brand management, creative services, direct marketing, etc. to see what interests me the most.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am not quite sure what I want do yet, but I am hoping in five years that I will have completed my master’s degree and that I have a job that requires me to travel and meet a variety of people.

I have had a great time so far at Riverbed and just want to thank everyone for giving me more insight and experience in marketing!


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Meet the Riverbed Summer Interns, Part 5

Posted by riverbedtest on July 25, 2011

Mark Olson

Department at Riverbed: Sales – Business Development

Age: 18

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

School: Boston University

Interests/hobbies: I did a lot of theater in high school but not so much in college, I’m really interested in fashion

Have you interned at Riverbed before?

Yes, I worked in recruiting two years ago, I learned a lot about the hiring process, which is really helpful with making my own resume

What projects are you working on currently?

I’m doing a lot of work with Salesforce, mostly building out accounts, which means finding people in the company who we should be calling to try to sell them our product

What are you hoping to learn at your time at riverbed this summer?

I’m hoping to learn about how sales are made, and about the whole corporate sales process.

I’m happy to be part of such a great team in sales here at Riverbed  and I’m excited to learn as much as I can this summer.


Sabrina Siu

Department at Riverbed: Recruiting

Age: 18

School: University of Southern California

Interests/hobbies: Films, Music & Concerts, Reading, Soccer, My two dogs

Have you interned at Riverbed before?

This is my first year interning at Riverbed and I think this is a great experience so far. I get a first-hand experience working in recruiting and I think this is a great way to get a feel for working in a business environment.

What projects are you working on?        

I’m currently working in university recruiting where I have been researching all aspects and logistics behind Riverbed’s campus visits. I have done a lot of planning, registering, and scheduling for events such as career fairs, info sessions, and campus interviews on campus for the upcoming school year.

What are you hoping to learn at your time at riverbed this summer?

I’m hoping to learn as much as I can here at Riverbed. I think it’s great to learn about different careers and opportunities, and I have learned so much about the recruiting process behind acquiring candidates from universities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will have graduated from university and since I do not know exactly where my career will end up at this moment in time, I hope to be working in an industry I love and have a wonderful career ahead of me.


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The rap on RAAP

Posted by bobegilbert on July 18, 2011

Today's blog is from Philip O'Toole, an engineer on our Cloud Steelhead development team, based in San Francisco.

Riverbed runs a unique program for its development and test engineers — every so Fort lauderdale often it sends us to some exotic, faraway places. While there we can sample the local cuisine, see the sites, and enjoy better weather than that in San Francisco. All we have to do is install cutting edge software on our selected customers' appliances on-site, giving them early access to our latest features.  🙂

Could life be really this good at Riverbed? Well, it's certainly good for our customers — and it's all thanks to the Riverbed Advanced Access Program (RAAP). Before Riverbed release a new version of the RiOS software, several engineers go on-site with a pre-selected customer and install the pre-release code on their appliances. We discuss the new features with the customer, test it in their network, and return with their feedback to our colleagues at headquarters.

I've always been quite impressed with the program. It keeps us engineers in touch with the customers, shows us the strengths of our products in the field, and points out the areas needing improvement.

It also teaches us Development engineers to think about the product holistically — which was an explicit goal of the program when it was first devised. We can get very involved with a single part of the new software, sometimes losing perspective. The RAAP helps us to design better products when we are reminded that Riverbed needs to sell a solution, not just a box running some clever software.

Our customers get significant direct benefit from the program too. In my experience they admire the quality of our products, so are interested in talking to the developers and testers. Just as we can learn something from them, they can gain new insight on how WAN optimization works — and that makes them more effective in their own roles.

So if you're interested in getting a sneak-peek at our next release, sign up for the RAAP at:

Speaking solely as a development engineer, customers located in the French Riviera, Hawaii, and Tahiti are particularly welcome. 🙂

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Three-Part Interview with the Packet Capture Innovators

Posted by riverbedtest on June 22, 2011

Interview-packetcap-innovators Our friends over at the Security Xploded blog have posted an extensive and exclusive interview with Steve McCanne, Gerald Combs, and Loris Degioanni, who created the market for Packet Capture "with their revolutionary creations (libpcap/tcpdump, Wireshark, winpcap)". 

In the introduction, they go on to say, "One cannot imagine [the] nightmare of network administrator without Wireshark, and all those great network applications would not have seen light of the day if there was not libpcap/winpcap. In short these 3 folks simply revolutionized the field of packet capture, in turn bringing new light to computer networking field itself."

Check out the Part One of the three-part interview here.

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Going Sideways to Get Back Straight

Posted by riverbedtest on June 9, 2011

Today's guest blogger is Brad Wood, a Riverbed Global Consulting Engineer.

My job at Riverbed is working directly with end customers and sales engineers to solidify designs in  Doll Chatty Cathy complex networks.  I also spend a large amount of my time looking at applications that Riverbed doesn’t have any official accelerations for, and see what we can do for a customer who needs help.  Sometimes this involves taking rather creative approaches to get the needed performance, and sometimes despite our best efforts the protocol simply doesn’t optimize well.  Whether it's native compression and encryption that can’t be disabled or it’s just a Chatty Cathy application we don’t get the results that we are looking for.   But when we do…… It’s simply magic. 

A recent example was with a feature in our latest RiOS release, SMTP/S (Simple Mail Transport Protocol), which is used for sending and receiving email messages.  Our smart guys in engineering have figured out a way to negotiate a TLS (Transport Layer Security) Start in the middle of a conversation.  Traditionally we have optimized SSL/TLS by catching the SSL/TLS key exchange at the beginning of the connection.  Basically, this is the equivalent of "Hello, how are you, can we speak in private?"  It was neat, it was simple, it was secure, and it worked. 

However with SSL/TLS Explicit Start it makes life a little more difficult.  It requires the ability to start a session in one protocol then switch to SSL/TLS in the middle of the existing protocol.  This is analogous to starting a conversation in English and switching to Japanese in the middle of a sentence.  Since we couldn't do this, it meant that we couldn’t optimize Exchange 2007 hub-to-hub traffic.  So, engineering put the fingers to the keyboard and first released this feature, albeit unsupported, in 6.1 and kept the momentum going in 6.5.  Late Start SSL was a dream come true for Microsoft administrators. 

About a month ago I got an email from an SE asking about extending this feature to FTP/S explicit, a secure file transport protocol. Wireshark I thought to myself….. Is there any reason this wouldn’t work?  So off to Pilot and Wireshark I went.  I narrowed down the conversation that I wanted to see in my 2GB capture with Pilot, then exported to Wireshark to look at the packet by packet play.  Sure enough we saw the FTP session start in clear text, next before the authorize, a PROT command was issued.  This command tells the server to start TLS, and then we saw the TLS session start, and Steelhead optimize it.  It was a beautiful, especially when we saw the client’s eyes light up when the traffic went from 3-4 minutes to 20 seconds. 

Although we all like to talk about the speed, my biggest concern was the overall impact to the businesses that we help.  To make a long story short, this client had invested several million dollars in this particular app, and had consumers that refused to use it because of the speed.  But we made it work.


Figure 1.  You can see the start of the Secure FTP session and the client issuing PROT.  This is followed by AUTH TLS command


Figure 2. Changing ‘decode as’ show us the SSL/TLS session being negotiated. 

The end result: a very happy customer.

Sometimes it’s good to step outside of the confines of what is supported and “just see” if it’ll work.  In this case, it resulted in a huge win for the technology department of this customer, and even a bigger win of the executive who had recommended the software to begin with. 

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Don’t Make Important Choices in a Vacuum!

Posted by riverbedtest on February 4, 2011

ImagesCAWQ8OPZ Let's face it, choosing a WAN optimization product from the various vendor offerings can be confusing and difficult, because all of the vendors seem to say the same things about their products.  They all make similar-sounding claims about fast LAN-like performance, server consolidation, cost savings, etc.  And if what they all were saying were true, then it would be rather a simple matter to just choose a vendor based on lowest price, since supposedly every vendor's product pretty much does the same thing.

And while that is precisely what many vendors would have you believe, the truth is that there are very significant differences among the various vendor offerings in the WAN optimization market.  Tragically, numerous customers have found that out the hard way, making the mistake of purchasing a WAN optimization product that didn't work or scale for their network.

A lab test or live proof-of-concept (POC) may help. A test or POC allows customers to get familiar with the look and feel of each product they are evaluating.  But there are limitations to what a lab test or POC can reveal about a product.  Just about every WAN optimization product will work fine in a protected, limited-scale deployment where they are not fully-exposed to WAN disruptions, heavy data center traffic loads, and other nasty things that inevitably happen in a live production network.  It's a huge mistake to assume that just because a particular vendor product works adequately when deployed to 2 or 3 sites in a POC, that it will also work fine when deployed to 20 or 30 sites.

When considering a large enterprise-scale deployment of WAN optimization devices, the most important step in the evaluation process is talking to another customer with a similar-sized network who has also deployed products from the vendor under consideration.  There simply is no substitute for that.

Checking references involves more than listening to vague anecdotal accounts of "success" by the vendor's sales rep.  Rather, it's very important to obtain the contact info of another customer who has deployed and used the vendor's WAN optimization products, and to have a confidential one-on-one conversation with that other customer.  When talking with that customer, ask about specifics such as the number and types of applications being optimized by the deployed products, number of users and locations in the customer's network,  and overall experience from using that vendor's products.  Make sure that the customer has a similarly complex network as your own, uses the same type of applications, and has deployed a similar number of devices that you anticipate deploying in your own network.

At Riverbed we expect and welcome any such requests for references.  With an installed base of over 12,000 customers, we have numerous Riverbed customers who would be happy to relay their experiences to you.  Unfortunately, that is not true for all vendors in this space.

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