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The Next Generation of Mobile Worker Acceleration

Posted by riverbedtest on October 30, 2008


Safety first.  As security concerns become more pervasive, the pursuit of a bulletproof network has become the holy grail for IT managers at organizations of all sizes.  Unfortunately, in their quest for unassailable data security performance often suffers, leading to cries for revolt by users and perhaps an even bigger problem than the one that was just resolved.  Fortunately, with today’s introduction of Steelhead Mobile 2.0 the coveted combination of security and performance is no longer a myth, but a reality that is already being enjoyed by over 15% of Riverbeds existing customer base. 

One of the things that makes the release of Steelhead Mobile 2.0 so exciting is that it highlights the true comprehensiveness of the Riverbed solution.  Since both the Steelhead Appliance and Steelhead Mobile share the same RiOS code features and functionality are virtually interchangeable.  Our secure socket layer (SSL) and HTTPS solution is a perfect illustration of this. We were able to bring the same patent-pending approach to secure acceleration that maintains the preferred trust model developed for the Steelhead appliance to Steelhead Mobile. This means that, for the first time, mobile worker can enjoy speed and security without the threat of a man in the middle attack or the vulnerability of having the private key leave the data center. 

In addition to highlighting the close integration with the Steelhead appliance Steelhead Mobile  2.0 also reflects Riverbeds continued commitment to its customers by directly addressing some of our their most common requests.  To better accelerate applications that are crucial for businesses on the go Steelhead Mobile 2.0 becomes the first wide-area data services (WDS) vendor to deliver protocol optimizations specifically for MAPI 2007 and Oracle Forms.  By working directly at the application layer, layer 7, we are seeing a profound improvement in performance for Exchange 2007 and Oracle E-Business Suite users.   We’re also introducing significantly greater license management flexibility through Enhanced Steelhead Auto-Detection and Link Based Licensing.  While we typically see around four users sharing a single license under our concurrent licensing model, the fact that organizations will now be able to use the local Steelhead appliance to accelerate traffic when a mobile worker returns to the office has the potential allow even more users to enjoy the speed and security of Steelhead Mobile 2.0 without purchasing additional licenses. 

This combination of SSL/HTTPS security, the speed of layer 7 application acceleration for MAPI 2007 and Oracle Forms, and the greater flexibility of license management introduced makes today an exciting day for the entire Mobile Team here at Riverbed and for Mobile Workers everywhere.  We hope that you'll join us in feeling the wind in your hair as you speed through your work wherever it takes you!

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