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Video: Application Performance in the Cloud

Posted by bobegilbert on November 2, 2011

Bob Gilbert sits down with Zeus Kerravala from the Yankee Group to discuss application performance in the cloud.



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Riverbed in Austin, Texas at Dell World 2011

Posted by riverbedtest on October 10, 2011

If you plan to attend Dell World from October 12–14 in Austin, Texas, then come and visit the Riverbed booth to learn about Riverbed and Dell solutions that enable customers to optimize the performance of their IT infrastructure.

As businesses, from SMB to large enterprises, continue to innovate the way they do business and adopt leading solutions for virtualization and cloud, CIOs are examining cost-effective technologies to satisfy their requirements. Moving data and applications to the cloud, data center to data center replication and disaster recovery are all key initiatives affected by virtualization and cloud computing.

Riverbed and Dell have been collaborating as strategic partners to bring IT performance solutions to customers. Specifically, Riverbed Steelhead products with Dell EqualLogic storage help optimize WAN-based iSCCI data replication. Have a read at the solution brief here. And, Riverbed Steelhead with Dell Compellent storage, delivers accelerated disaster recovery operations and increased data protection. Read more in the Compellent and Riverbed solution brief.

How are have customers deployed Riverbed and Dell, together? Here are some customer examples, from Minnwest Bank and Constangy, Brooks, & Smith, LLP.


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Riverbed’s Optimization Solutions for the Cloud

Posted by riverbedtest on August 11, 2011

Recently I saw a blog post on ReadWriteWeb / Cloud by David Strom where he described the roles that WAN Optimization can play in helping accelerate Cloud-based IT services.

This has long been an area of attention at Riverbed; for years now we have been helping Enterprises address and solve the challenges they've faced with business applications performing poorly across their private WANs. Riverbed's award-winning Steelhead family of WAN Optimization appliances have held a leading position in the global market for the last several years, according to several leading industry analyst firms.

Now, in the era of Cloud-based IT services, the performance problems created by the increased distance between users and their data, combined with the lack of QoS and un-guaranteed internet performance are significantly worse than those faced within a structured and well-known corporate IT environment. Thus the need for performance optimization in these cloud environments is even greater than in traditional, private corporate IT.

These requirements have prompted Riverbed to develop and offer a whole range of products and technologies, to address the vast majority of Cloud-based IT applications and environments. In his recent blog post,  David mentioned only one Riverbed product in this context, the Steelhead Appliance.   SH

In addition to this though Riverbed also has the following products available to address the Acceleration & Optimization needs of virtual and cloud environments :

  1. Virtual Steelhead – as the name suggests, a virtual version of the Steelhead product that can be run on VMWare ESX/ESXi platforms
  2. Cloud Steelhead – Steelhead WAN Optimization + simple portal-based management, On-demand instantiation, easy cloning, fliexible sizing and pricing
  3. Riverbed Whitewater – a single-ended Cloud Storage Gateway that delivers speed, security, cost-efficiency and ease of use for Cloud-based storage services Ww and of course
  4. Steelhead Mobile – PC and MAC client acceleration software, so you can enjoy accelerated cloud IT services from anywhere, over any connectivity medium.

Additionally with the recent acquisition of both Zeus and Aptimize, Riverbed now also has two new Single-Ended technologies – Application Delivery Controller and Web Content Optimization – to help accelerate  both public and private cloud-based web content and applications.

So in summary, Riverbed really should be your first port of call for any cloud IT service acceleration & optimization requirements.

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Riverbed Acquires Zeus Technology and Aptimize

Posted by riverbedtest on July 19, 2011

Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the IT performance company, today announced that it has acquired Aptimize Limited, a privately-owned company that is a market leader in web content optimization. The Aptimize organization, based in Wellington, New Zealand, will become the new Web Content Optimization product group, led by the former CEO of Aptimize, Ed Robinson. Riverbed® also announced today the acquisition of Zeus Technology, a privately-owned company that delivers high-performance software-based load balancing and traffic management solutions for virtual and cloud environments. The acquisitions of the two companies will form the cornerstone of Riverbed’s asymmetric optimization strategy.

It's a natural transition for us for so many reasons to add these technologies to our portfolio. At the end of the day, customers have come to rely on Riverbed to solve their performance problems for any application over any network. They don't necessarily care what tool they use – a WOC, an ADC, or NPM – just so long as their businesses can operate the way they need to.

Zeus and Aptimize make sense because they have created software the way application owners and devops teams want to consume application delivery – and build it right into the application stack. They are designed to be deployed into modern public and private clouds, unlike much of the legacy hardware ADCs that are sold today.

With Zeus and Aptimize, customers will get faster, more reliable, more secure Web applications, regardless of whether they are consumer facing or behind the firewall. We look forward to sharing this new technology with you in the coming days!


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The forecast was cloudy at Interop last week

Posted by bobegilbert on May 18, 2011

Las Vegas was a buzz last week as networking vendors showcased their latest and greatest product offerings.  Taking a stroll around the IT Expo show floor, it was obvious that cloud computing was the hot topic for vendors ranging from Intel to F5.






Vendors were demonstrating a variety of cloud technologies that essentially help to overcome many of the obstacles that companies are facing when leveraging the cloud for infrastrusture, platforms, and software as a service.  Much of the focus of the show was around security, management, and connectivity.

Riverbed on the other hand focused on another key cloud consideration and that is performance.  As I blogged about last week, performance is a major consideration for organizations looking to take advantage of the benefits that the cloud has to offer.  Riverbed hammered home this point with a daily booth demonstration of its Cloud Steelhead product.  Cloud Steelhead essentially provides LAN-like performance when accessing servers and applications hosted in the cloud.

To further demonstrate the cloud performance point, Riverbed held a contest where we asked folks to guess how long it would take to transfer (unoptimized and optimized) a 50MB file from the cloud to the Interop show floor. 

I believe our very own Sr. Director of Marketing Miles Kelly summed it up nicely when he basically said that Interop is demonstrating that the cloud is moving from hype to reality.


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Interop 2011 video – “Cloud Bouncing”

Posted by bobegilbert on May 11, 2011

Steve Riley from Riverbed's Office of the CTO takes a moment to share his thoughts around a term he coined "Cloud Bouncing"


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Solving the Hybrid Cloud Network Challenge with Akamai

Posted by riverbedtest on May 10, 2011

How good is your cloud? It's a hard question to answer. Part of it depends on how you define cloud, and part of it depends on how you define good. At Riverbed, we don't have plans to define the first one for you (plenty of other people are doing that); and the question of "good" always comes down to performance in our minds. Is it local-like performance? And do you get that performance with the reality of cloud-like cost efficiency? In the spirit of driving performance of the cloud higher, I'm excited to announce Riverbed's strategic partnership and product direction with Akamai, the leader in Internet performance optimization.

Earlier today, Akamai and Riverbed announced their intention to develop a joint application acceleration solution for hybrid cloud networks that leverages the combination of Internet optimization and WAN optimization. The planned solution will accelerate the broad array of cloud-based applications.

So what's the story? You already know that Riverbed has some pretty powerful cloud acceleration tools like Cloud Steelhead, Virtual Steelhead, and Whitewater. This new offering from Riverbed and Akamai will add to this toolset, giving enterprises a way to leverage their existing Riverbed Steelhead investment while combining it with the incredibly powerful Akamai Distributed Edge Platform.  The Riverbed-Akamai proposed integrated offering

This offering is designed for businesses and government organizations of all sizes that would like to use public cloud resources and receive the same local-like performance that their end users depend on to be productive with private cloud applications. The offering is targeted primarily at Software as a Service offerings. Examples of those offerings include Microsoft Office 365,, NetSuite, SuccessFactors, and many, many more.

SaaS is becoming more and more important to businesses, but enteprises have a distinct lack of control in terms of distance (where the cloud data center is located), data (how much of it is required to go back and forth over long distances), and access (bandwidth, efficient routing, and even access to the DC itself to place performance optimization technologies). The end result? Customers needed a new way to accelerate SaaS applications that would address private WAN performance, Internet performance, and operate across manySaaS applications without access to the SaaS data center itself.

There's more to this partnership than just a logo exchange – there's real technology integration going on behind the scenes. Riverbed will integrate Akamai Internet optimization software directly onto the Steelheads that live in enterprise data centers, essentially extending the edge of the Akamai footprint to the enterprise data center. At the same time, Akamai will integrate Riverbed Steelhead technology into the Akamai edge platform, extending the customers’ Steelhead footprint up to the doorstep of the SaaS provider.

The result is that the combined optimizations of Akamai and Riverbed will deliver end-to-end acceleration from the front doorstep of the broad array of SaaS applications available all the way down to the branch office and mobile worker of the enterprise. This ability to accelerate end to end, from the front door step of the SaaS provider all the way to the branch or mobile enterprise user, solves the hybrid cloud network challenge.

The 'hybrid cloud network' deserves a little bit of extra explanation. When you typically think of accessing an application, you might do it in one of two ways. If it’s an application in your enterprises’ private cloud, you’d access it over the WAN. If it’s a general web site, or a partner portal, you would access it over the internet.

But things are changing and getting more complex. With SaaS applications, remote & branch enterprise users are typically backhauled across the private WAN and then go across the Internet to access an application – accessing an application over a hybrid network. While enterprises have tools to accelerate WANs and separate tools to deal with Internet performance limitations, they do not have an integrated solution that solves the problem end-to-end in a seamless fashion.

Combining the performance constraints of the Internet with performance constraints of the private WAN makes for a big, hairy challenge. That's why there's no better combination than Riverbed and Akamai to solve this. Combine the largest & smartest Internet optimization technology with the smartest WAN optimization technology and the advanced platform WOC marketshare leader, and you've got both the brains and the brawn to solve the SaaS performance problem right.

Welcome to the Riverbed partner family, Akamai!

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Competitive Advantage in the Cloud

Posted by bobegilbert on February 2, 2011

Hbr A recent Harvard Business Review blog authored by Sinan Aral, Arun Sundararajan, and Mingdi Xin discusses the results from research they conducted on cloud computing and what the strategic implications were for firms considering cloud-based solutions.

Although the research sample was relatively small (about 2 dozen CIOs and senior IT managers), the research involved highly qualitative, in depth interviews.  The survey results found that although the cloud promises to create value on economic, technical and strategic fronts, firms report a wide range of performance gains from their adoption. Importantly, and not surprisingly, the firms that orchestrate a set of complementary capabilities report higher returns from their cloud adoption.

The research also found that agility is a plus when adopting cloud services.  Firms that are structured to quickly increase or decrease their commitment to new applications and innovations were better suited to cloud-based solutions, which themselves allow rapid scaling of resources and thus lower the risk of organizational innovation.

Finally, the blog states that their findings suggest that cloud-based models offer advantages for some applications and to some clients but not others.  They are extending the research on this front and posing a survey to hear what your company's experience has been with cloud services.

Riverbed's position continues to be that we focus on the performance aspect of cloud services. Once an organization gets past various cloud computing concerns ranging from security to vendor lock-in, Riverbed will assist with addressing the performance challenges.


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Live demo of Cloud Steelhead at Riverbed’s Into the Cloud event in NYC

Posted by bobegilbert on December 9, 2010


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Riverbed Think Fast Demo – Whitewater

Posted by bobegilbert on November 12, 2010


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