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Another glaring example of the confusion surrounding cloud storage

Posted by bobegilbert on February 16, 2011


Tom trainer recently blogged in Network Computing about how EMC could become the Amdahl of cloud storage.  Tom starts off his blog by saying that there are some fundamental issues around how EMC sells its Atmos cloud storage platform to customers.  The key issue he focuses on is how EMC charges for storage up front and not for storage that is used.  According to Tom, the utility aspect of cloud storage is missing from Atmos.

This is totally incorrect as EMC sells Atmos to service providers such as AT&T, who in turn sell cloud storage to their customers.  AT&T's service is called Synaptic and it is indeed based on a utility or pay for what you use model.

Personally I believe the more accurate cloud storage discussions should be around how to address the roadblocks that exist when deploying cloud storage.  Specifically, how to deploy cloud storage without changing your backup platform ecosystem.  What about ensuring security when transferring data to the cloud and ultimately storing your sensitive data in the cloud?  And obviously performance?  If you move to a cloud storage environment, the performance when accessing that disk in the sky will be much slower compared to your local area network environment. 

I will end my rant with a shameless plug.  Riverbed's recently launched Whitewater product addresses the cloud storage roadblocks and enables organizations to seamlessly deploy cloud storage and reap all the cloudy benefits that you would expect.  This includes paying for only what you use.

You can watch a demo of Whitewater here:





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