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Posted by riverbedtest on October 24, 2011

ProgrammerIf you’re no stranger to the Riverbed blog, any of our other social media outlets, or even our web site, by now you’re aware of our new acceleration offerings. Keen observers (and we know you’re all keen!) will note these products depart from our traditional symmetric optimization history. We’ve already discussed why we believe this matters. I’d like to write a bit about to whom it does.

We realize that an IT organization comprises more than those who build the networks and shepherd equipment that routes datagrams. All of that infrastructure would be unnecessary if it weren’t for the applications they run and the data they move about. And while plenty of great technology choices can help the network guys discover and accelerate their prized datagrams, developers, too, can benefit from tools and techniques that improve the speed of their code and the availability of their data.

As a developer, you’re continually trying to balance conflicting demands. Your code must run fast, function correctly, contain no vulnerabilities, and reuse other elements where possible—all, of course, on schedule. At times, some of these demands give way to others—that’s just reality. Aligning resources to meet a release date with full functionality might require constraining resources available for optimizing your code’s performance. That’s where we can help.

FastcodeOur Stingray line of products is designed specifically to ease the pressure to tightly optimize your code. It can also help you eliminate the worries of deploying code that you acquired elsewhere and are unable to modify it to streamline its performance. Whether you need to improve the response time of a single SharePoint server or rapidly distribute high-performing applications across multiple geographic locations, we at Riverbed realize that you, our new developer audience, deserve the same kind of high-quality attention to your needs as we’ve provided our networking friends for years.

We encourage you to explore our new application-oriented performance offerings. Then, take a walk downstairs (it’s almost always downstairs, isn’t it?) and chat with your buddies in the networking department. They might look kind of scary, but they’re cool people—I promise, I used to be one of them! Swap some stories about how eliminating performance bottlenecks has helped your organization rise above your competitors. And work together to ensure that your entire IT stack—from the datagrams to the data—perform at the speed of 21st century business.


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