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Riverbed in the Land Down Under

Posted by riverbedtest on October 17, 2011

Today we have two customers from Australia talking about how valuable Riverbed has been to their organizations.  Coincidentally, both are not-for-profit groups who do some remarkable work helping out the mentally ill and the aged.


First up is a short video from Lance Knight, the Senior Systems Officer for Sundale, an Australian-based not-for-profit organization primarily focused on providing care for the aged.  They support 28 lines of business and about 225 business applications.  Before they brought in Riverbed Steelhead Appliances and Cascade, network performance was very slow and prone to disconnections and other service interruptions.

They call their network situation a “tsunami through a straw,” a very apt name as they try to push 12 terabytes of data a week through a 100 mbps link.

Check out how they have brought the tsunami under control, solved their networking problems, and made it feasible to do all the things that they want to across their network…


Next up is an audio clip from Mind Australia, a not-for-profit organization that helps over 4500 people per year in South Australia and Victoria who have mental illness.  Their workforce consisting of about 600, helps them find clinical services, employment, and residential facilities.  They have about 50 offices, each with a very thin and poorly performing data connection.

They are migrating from a pencil-and-paper-based system to a electronic client management system that runs in a desktop application.  Since they cannot afford to pay for more bandwidth, especially in some of the remote areas in which they operate, they needed a WAN Optimization solution to make this migration feasible.  They needed to improve application response time and file server performance across their WAN.

Hear about their evaluation and their results…



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