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Using Cloud Storage Just Got Easier

Posted by riverbedtest on October 13, 2011

One thing about Riverbed customers, they really help us by indicating how we should expand our products.  This applies particularly to Whitewater cloud storage gateways.  From customers that were using backup tools or targeting public clouds that we had not yet certified, we heard requests to expand our ecosystem.  Well, we did something Riverbed is known for.  We listened. 

Tuesday, Riverbed announced the next version of our Whitewater cloud storage gateway.  With version 1.3, in addition to adding new manageablity features, we have expanded the Whitewater ecosystem both on the front and back ends.  Whitewater is now an option for all users of current versions of CommVault Simpana, HP Data Protector, and Veeam, and also can take database dumps from Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).  Together with the tools we already supported, Whitewater can now be used with every backup tool that has more than 3% market share.  So chances are, it will drop right into your environment.

We have also expanded the cloud APIs that we support.  In addition to Amazon S3, AT&T Synaptic/EMC Atmos, and Nirvanix, Whitewater now interfaces with Rackspace Cloud Files, Windows Azure storage, and clouds based on OpenStack/Swift object storage.

Whitewater customers have been very impressed by the Whitewater gateway's drop-in installation (Box to Backup ~1hr), the levels of deduplication they see, the costs they avoid, and the labor that is freed up.  With the announcement of version 1.3, we can now bring these same benefits to a broader audience.  If you haven't yet taken a look at some of our customer testimonials or case studies, pop over to and let us know what you think. 

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