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Riverbed asks customers to Rock the Vote

Posted by bobegilbert on September 21, 2011


Since shipping the first flagship Steelhead appliance product in May 2004, Riverbed has continued to innovate in the WAN optimization market with a number of software updates that deliver faster acceleration performance, improved scalability, and simpler management.  Flash forward more than seven years later and the product management and development teams at Riverbed are hard at work on the next generation features and functionality.

One tradition that hasn't changed in the R&D and product management process at Riverbed is the fact that we involve our customers in the process of identifying what features and enhancements we should be working on next.  I started this voting tradition several years ago using the name "Rock the Vote". Using platforms such as the Riverbed User Group (RUG), we ask our customers to vote for the features that are important to them.  The process is pretty simple.  We give them a list of features covering a variety of products and product areas and give each customer a total of three votes in each area.  If they want to vote for a feature that is not listed, they can spend a vote by writing in their own feature request.  The result is that we get several hundred votes that help our product management and R&D teams prioritize what features should be focused on next.

Delivering innovative software updates full of features and functionality that customers are asking for has proven to be a successful practice for Riverbed.  I am personally looking forward to seeing what requests we will get from our next group of customers.  If you are interested to see what the popular votes are, just wait for the next software update to come out.

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