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An afternoon with Riverbed customers in Toronto

Posted by bobegilbert on September 14, 2011

We launched our Riverbed User Group (RUG) program a few years ago as a way for our customers to get together in person to share best practices on how to get the most out of their Riverbed product deployment.  The RUG platform has also been a great way for Riverbed to get feedback on what we can do better and what products and features our customers are interested in.

The RUG takes place across various cities in the US, Canada, and in the UK.  Yesterday afternoon we had our 7th meeting in Toronto.  Toronto is a great city and our customer base is especially vibrant with between 25 to 50 customers attending each event.  This was the scene 30 minutes before the user group meeting was scheduled to start.


By the time the meeting started, we had a jam-packed room of customers ready to discuss Riverbed products, get demonstrations of new features, get a roadmap presentation, and participate in a roundtable discussion.  We also had a "rock the vote" session, which is a tradition at Riverbed.  This is where we essentially give our customers the opportunity to vote for features that are on our roadmap. This ultimately helps our proeuct management and development teams prioritize what needs to be focused on next.

RVUG President

Yesterday's meeting in Toronto was also special as we introduced Gerry Holmes from Canadian Cancer Society as user group president. In his new role, Gerry will be the Riverbed champion representing Toronto and will be responsible for hosting future meetings, determining what topics to discuss, and communicating with his peer Riverbed users about user group activities.

If you are interested in attending a user group meeting and/or are interested in being considered for the role of user group president, please visit



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