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Get Cascade management visibility directly on your iPhone, iPad, or Android!

Posted by riverbedtest on August 26, 2011

In this day and age where every IT professional has at least one of the above-listed devices, having the ability to perform actual work on them, rather than just playing Angry Birds all day, can be a real benefit.

Riverbed® Cascade® provides a cost-effective, enterprise-wide solution for network visibility and performance management. To deliver the performance that the business needs, network and application teams need complete visibility into the applications, servers, and users on their network. Cascade fulfills this need with network monitoring, network traffic recording and analysis, discovery and dependency mapping and troubleshooting capabilities that collect traffic data on the network and alert network managers to problems before business is impacted.

This functionality can be made all the more "highly available" and "real time" through the use of devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android phones & tablets as mobile terminals to access and monitor the Cascade system. Below are some sample screenshots that illustrate just how useful this can be :

1. Multiple active alerts shown on the Service Dashboard :


2. Tracing the source of the problem :



3. Interface Utilization report :


4. Network Operations Dashboard :


and Zoomed in for a closer look :


5. being notified of a WORM outbreak :


6. Locating the source of the outbreak :

7. Tracking down the computers involved and affected :
So as you can see, the Riverbed Cascade system can be extremely useful when accessed remotely by any kind of HTTPS capable browser device, like Apple and Android terminals. Since there's no Java and no executable files required to run in the browser, any device like these can access and run Cascade to the fullest effect, truly empowering your mobile IT operations workforce with critical, real time information about your network.

One Response to “Get Cascade management visibility directly on your iPhone, iPad, or Android!”

  1. hmmm…perhaps you could start bundling an iPad in with the Cascade Express?

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