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New stuff in the Community

Posted by riverbedtest on August 25, 2011

We've made some changes to the Riverbed Community that we'd like everyone to know about.

1) We've created a new board called Help the Newbies.  It's a general question and answer board.  Got a question?  Ask it here.  Do you know the answer to someone else's question?  Answer it here. Don't wait for someone else to answer it; if you know the answer, just shout it out! 

The idea is that there are no stupid questions, just stuff that somebody else doesn't know. 

2) We've created a second new board.  This one is called The Community Cafe.   It's a socially focused board, where we encourage people to introduce themselves to the community.  You can tell us a little about yourself, your background, your family, and your use of Riverbed products.  (And if you have a superpower, be sure to mention that too.)

Nothing fancy required, and don't share anything unless you're comfortable doing so.

We're trying to make our Community a friendlier place.  If you have any suggestions that might help us in that area, don't be shy.  You can make those suggestions at Forum Guidelines and Feedback.

See you in the Community!

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