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You can run SharePoint and Exchange on the Amazon cloud? Really??

Posted by riverbedtest on July 29, 2011

Today's guest blogger is Laura Padilla, Riverbed's Marketing Director, National and Global Resellers.

Yes, I know the thought of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services collaborating seems like a War-of-the-worlds sci-fi movie in the vein of War of the Worlds, but Microsoft has announced a program, called License Mobility through Software Assurance, which allows partners and customers to more easily deploy current on-premises Microsoft Server application workloads on Amazon Microsoft-corporation Web Services, without any additional Microsoft software license fees. This License Mobility program allows users to employ Windows Server applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Standard Edition, SQL Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, Lync Server, and Systems Center servers, to deploy AWS cloud-based solutions.
Riverbed is also working with both Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to overcome 500px-Amazon_Web_Services_logo.svg bandwidth constraints, latency, and application performance which are all considerations when moving to the cloud.  If you are looking to deploy your Microsoft Applications in Amazon's EC2, don’t miss reading how Riverbed’s WAN optimization can overcome application and network performance challenges, accelerate the process of migrating data to and from the cloud, and improve access to that data from anywhere. Lucky for you that Riverbed’s own Steve Riley, former AWS Evangelist, has crafted an informative white paper on this exact topic!

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