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Riverbed Storytellers Contest winner for June

Posted by bobegilbert on July 28, 2011

OK, it took us a little longer than we wanted to get to it, but we are pleased to announce that the winner DSD of the Riverbed Storytellers Contest for June is Michael Vassallo of Dancker Sellew and Douglas (DS&D). DS&D is a 180-year-old firm, with offices in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia area, that specializes in office furniture, trading desks, lab equipment, classroom and healthcare furniture— as well as services including logistics, office planning and office furniture installation.

Michael is DS&D's Senior Network Administrator which really means that he manages the WAN, LAN, SAN, WiFi, Servers, Desktops, and so on.  He reports that they use them for "everything" but the bulk of the traffic that flows through them is MAPI email, CIFS, SAN replication, and AppAssure Replication.

Michael says, "If it were not for the optimization that the Riverbed appliances provide, instead of minutes we would be looking at hours or days to complete transfers and would be severely behind the 8-ball."

In his winning story entitled "Just Can't Do It, Or Does It?", Michael wrote about how at first glance it looks like the Steelhead appliances aren't actually doing anything for his network.  Then he shows us a different set of data that makes it quite clear that the Steelheads are reducing bandwidth by as much as 98%. 

If you'd like to learn more about DS&D's implementation of Steelheads, please check out Michael's video (below) from 2010.  And remember, The Riverbed Storytellers Contest is ongoing.  Please enter the contest!  We'd love to share your story with the world!


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