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A pair of new customer testimonials

Posted by bobegilbert on July 27, 2011

First, we have Chris Pinckney, the CIO at Psomas, a civil engineering firm.  His firm, a long time Steelhead Appliance customer, has recently introduced Riverbed PsomasWhitewater to eliminate tapes from their backup routine. Psomas  moved their backups into the storage cloud, a move which has resulted in faster backups and quicker restores.  They have also been able to improve service to their remote and mobile workers. 


Our other customer testimonial comes from Livio Arleo of MTN Satellite MTN-Satellite-CommunicationsCommunications.  His company employs Steelhead Appliances to accelerate satellite-based communications to cruise ships.  Satellite communications are notoriously slow because of the extreme latency that they can introduce.  Steelheads can make a huge difference in performance over any WAN, but particularly over satellite links.



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