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The Secret Connection between Vacuum Cleaners and Riverbed Cascade

Posted by riverbedtest on July 12, 2011

Those of you who remember the browser wars between Microsoft and Netscape in the 1990's may remember that browsers always seemed to be named after SUV's (think Ford Explorer and Lincoln Navigator). If you use Riverbed Cascade, you might be wondering what its components are named after. I think I found the answer: vacuum cleaners!

Let's start with Shark - I noticed this one in a store a few days ago:V1310pt-fs


As every Cascade customer knows, Shark is not complete without Pilot.Oreck Pilot

The next one reminds me of Cascade Profiler – did we just forget the letter r?Morphy Richards Profile

No issues with the next one – Sensor is simply Sensor. I took this picture at a hotel recently.


And finally… a vacuum cleaner that represents the entire product line:


So there you have it… Next time you want to suck all the performance problems out of your network, look at the nearest vacuum cleaner for inspiration!


8 Responses to “The Secret Connection between Vacuum Cleaners and Riverbed Cascade”

  1. Twisted56 said

    That is a great analogy for microsoft and netscape, ahahahah

  2. Ce fut effectivement ce que je cherchais, et maintenant j’ai été satisfaite eu une excellente relation de Microsoft ..

  3. Hello,
    Nice blog about vacuum cleaners i like it thanks for this all information

  4. Vacuum cleaners are very useful tools in our house, office and hotels. These can be used easily to clean floor of carpets.

  5. rubbellose said

    Thats a good find! I would have never known this!

  6. What a strange way to name these parts after vacuum cleaners. I don’t see any significance

  7. I can now understand the secrete connection between Vacuum Cleaners and Riverbed Cascade. I have used also Vacuum Cleaner in my house.

  8. Thanks for this information. Topic of connection between vacuum cleaner and riverbed cascade is good.

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