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Three-Part Interview with the Packet Capture Innovators

Posted by riverbedtest on June 22, 2011

Interview-packetcap-innovators Our friends over at the Security Xploded blog have posted an extensive and exclusive interview with Steve McCanne, Gerald Combs, and Loris Degioanni, who created the market for Packet Capture "with their revolutionary creations (libpcap/tcpdump, Wireshark, winpcap)". 

In the introduction, they go on to say, "One cannot imagine [the] nightmare of network administrator without Wireshark, and all those great network applications would not have seen light of the day if there was not libpcap/winpcap. In short these 3 folks simply revolutionized the field of packet capture, in turn bringing new light to computer networking field itself."

Check out the Part One of the three-part interview here.

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