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It’s logical: Five reasons why selecting Riverbed makes sense

Posted by bobegilbert on June 17, 2011


Today's guest blogger is Josh Tseng, a Technical Director here at Riverbed.

There are a number of WAN optimization vendors out there, each vying for attention.  Though none have been as successful as Riverbed, they all come up with different reasons for selecting their WAN optimization product.  Here are five reasons why choosing Riverbed–the market leader in WAN optimization–makes sense:

1)  Riverbed has more resources focused on WAN optimization than any other product vendor:  As the market leader, Riverbed certainly has more resources than the smattering of small private companies in the WAN optimization market.  However, this is also true when comparing Riverbed to larger vendors including Cisco.  While Cisco certainly is a larger company than Riverbed, the fact remains that WAAS revenues amount to a rounding error in Cisco's financial reports.  While Cisco TAC engineers are knowledgeable about networking-related issues, the fact remains that very few are actually knowledgeable about WAN optimization.  If you ever need to troubleshoot issues such as CIFS op-locks or figure out how to disable default compression the XenApp Presentation server, then very few Cisco TAC engineers will understand what you are asking about.

2)  Riverbed offers application-specific WAN optimization for more applications than any other vendor:  Every environment uses a different set of set of enterprise applications.  And the applications that employees use today may change next year as IT departments upgrade their application software.  The benefit with Riverbed is that we support the broadest range of layer-7 application-specific optimizations of any WAN optimization vendor.  If an application can be optimized for delivery over the WAN at all, chances are that Riverbed can do it, and do it well.

3)  Only Riverbed offers WAN optimization capabilities for all environments–branch office, data center, mobile workers, VDI, private cloud, public cloud, etc.  Some WAN optimization vendors claim to be "data center-centric."  Others have file caching architectures that only work in branch office environments, although their mobile software client is a separate and different product.  Still other vendors claim their offerings to be better for optimizing Citrix ICA traffic.  The fact is that only Riverbed offers WAN optimization technology that delivers best-of-breed performance for all environments.  In contrast, selecting any of these "specialist" WAN optimization products means that you will have to find a different vendor product when new requirements for other environments arise.

4)  Only Riverbed WAN optimization can scale to the largest WAN environments in the world:  The scaling issue is key for enterprises with more than a few remote locations.  One of the common weaknesses of competitor products is their inability to scale.  Competitor products may work well in an isolated lab environment or limited-scale POC, but problems and issues occur when a full deployment is attempted.  Often, the scaling issues can be traced to a per-peer data store problem.

5)  No one ever got fired for buying Riverbed:  Of course, the saying use to be "No one ever got fired for buying Cisco," but we all know that statement is no longer true anymore.  We are aware of more than a few individuals who have been promoted for choosing and deploying Riverbed.  And even if that doesn't happen with your current employer, the Riverbed skills you acquire from deploying and operating Riverbed products will stay with you when you move on to your next employer, should that ever happen.  In fact, we are even aware of individuals who have deployed Steelheads for three or more different employers, gaining career advancement opportunities with each transition.


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