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On the road again (or how to effectively engage customers worldwide)

Posted by riverbedtest on June 8, 2011

“Hellooooo, Los Angeles! How ya doing?”  [confused silence]

“Um, wait, what city is this again?”


Ever get that rock star feeling?  You know the feeling, when you only sleep on airplanes and in hotel rooms, and your kids start accidentally calling you “Uncle Rob” instead of “Daddy,” and the TSA agents all greet you by name?  The last month has been a delightful blur of industry events, customer visits, partner training, and some good fun to boot.

EMC World and Interop in Fabulous Las Vegas were massive events and Riverbed was well represented at both ends of the Strip.  What struck me was not just the energy level (sky high), but also the expectations (even higher.)  The first impression was reflected by the number of people that were excited to see us and talk about performance in public and private clouds, in data protection and disaster recovery, and in all their other top initiatives.  The second observation was that Riverbed didn’t need to explain the basics of what we do any more; that was now well understood. Instead, customers came to us to explore in detail how we could take them to the next level of IT performance, scale, and flexibility.

EMC logo Interop

From Vegas, I went straight to Disneyland – must keep the family happy somehow!  The (other) Magic Kingdom continues to blow the minds of little princesses daily, aside from having “the Happiest Network on Earth.”

From Anaheim to Australia, off the plane and straight into a room with 60 Riverbed channel partners and a stunning view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  We blasted through updates on our new products, new solutions, and new cloud partnership with Akamai.  And since we did the very same talk the next morning in Melbourne, Sydney was just a day trip for me; talk about accelerated communications!

The following week, San Jose and Sacramento were both lovely audiences for a pair of “lunch & learn” overviews on how Riverbed is helping optimize the infrastructures for both private and public sector customers around Northern California.

Last weekend was Mendocino and Fort Bragg on the coast for some family time and car camping.   In this case, R&R stood for “Riding & Raining” as the training wheels came off both literally and metaphorically.

Cap it all off with a series of customer calls in Southern California to a top automobile manufacturer, a major motion picture studio, a state university, and an international engineering and construction firm.  Each audience had its own perspectives and initiatives, but despite the wide range of verticals represented, we found common value in helping all of them discover new ways to improve IT performance and streamline their respective infrastructures.

As Whitman said, “shoulder your duds, dear son, and I will mine, and let us hasten forth.”  Where shall we go next?


One Response to “On the road again (or how to effectively engage customers worldwide)”

  1. sleep said

    For some, a business travel tour seems like a dream. But it is very tiring I tell you. For starters, due to their enthusiasm, they lose sleep on a plane. We need proper sleep on business trips.

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