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The Taneja Group on the Riverbed/Akamai Partnership

Posted by riverbedtest on June 3, 2011

Naturally those of us at Riverbed are very excited about the opportunity and the potential of our recent Index partnership with Akamai.  This partnership will, in time, enable the acceleration and optimization of Software as a Service-based (SaaS) applications like  Today, users of these cloud-based applications can't just stick a Steelhead Appliance in someone else's data center, and so they can't get the performance that they want and expect.

ImagesOf course, we get this problem, and so do our new partners at Akamai.  But it's even more exciting when  the people whose job it is to examine trends in the IT marketplace look at this partnership and share our excitement. 

Clearly Taneja Group analyst Ashish Nadkarni gets it.  Check out his blog posting, where he lays it out and explains the issues and where our joint solution could take things.  Ashish makes it clear that this joint solution will not just address performance issues across the cloud, but security issues as well. 




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