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Centralized ERP and CRM without WAN Optimization? Really?

Posted by bobegilbert on June 2, 2011

Today’s guest blogger is Christian Lorentz, Product Marketing Manager for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) based in Munich, Germany.

Many of Riverbed’s largest European enterprise customers have implemented centralized ERP and CRM applications, and their remote users employ an application virtualization protocol, such as RDP or ICA.  Yet it is rare to find customers who have fully implemented thin clients and migrated all of their users to VDI because so many of them must support mobile users who need to access their applications and data from both branch offices and from the road.

These networking protocols (RDP and ICA) represent a significant portion of WAN traffic, but they are not the only protocols that must be managed.  Other centralized applications, such as CAD and collaboration platforms, are difficult to virtualize.  That is where WAN Optimization can help; it can optimize these applications and increase performance.

Yesterday, I spoke with a Riverbed customer in Germany who implemented Steelhead Appliances to consolidate his tape backup systems.  He runs his backups across the WAN with results that are nothing less than spectacular: he is seeing better than 94% deduplication!  What’s more, he was running SAP over his ICA connection with performance that he described as unsatisfactory.  The Steelheads have sped up transactions by 30-40%, and reduced network traffic for those apps by more than 60% in the last month.


This morning, I spoke with the IT Director at another customer with construction sites all over the world connected by UTMS or 3G links.  His people use AutoCAD to design new plants, and he needed a single consistent centralized implementation for all of his users on different projects.   The IT Director says that the only way to get this done was with WAN Optimization; their Steelheads have reduced network traffic by more than 86%.

After that implementation was completed, they learned that Steelheads can also accelerate ICA, and so they performed some optimization tests with Navision over ICA. The result was a data reduction of more than 42%, and their users reported much better overall performance.








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