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Packet Capture Innovators Wrap-Up

Posted by riverbedtest on May 26, 2011

Tuesday was our much-publicized Packet Capture Innovators event on Twitter.  Thanks go out to our guests of honor, Steve McCanne, Gerald Combs, and Loris Degioanni, and to everyone who attended the event, and especially to those who asked questions.  Turnout and response were very positive, especially for a first-time event like this.

Wondering if the WinPCap folks plan to migrate to NDIS6, so that Windows Vista/7 users can finally capture 802.11 traffic. #packetcap
5/24/11 12:10 PM
@vmlemon LD: We are not aware of any active development in this area. Would love to work with the #packetcap community.
5/24/11 12:26 PM


Loris, how has the WinPCap library changed from the early days to now? #packetcap
5/24/11 12:19 PM
@tedsseveredhead LG: More OS support. dropped Win95 support #packetcap
5/24/11 12:27 PM



Steve McCanne, what was the first computer you ran TCPDUMP on? #packetcap
5/24/11 12:19 PM

@dances_w_vowels SM: Sun 3/50 #packetcap
5/24/11 12:27 PM


Steve, What was your biggest take-away from your #TCPDUMP dev experience? #packetcap
5/24/11 12:27 PM
@dhmspector SM: Its easy to make things hard. Its hard to make things easy. #packetcap
5/24/11 12:31 PM

Thanks again to everyone who participated.  You can read the entire twitter exchange on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #packetcap.


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