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THIS MORNING at 11am PT! Meet the guys behind Wireshark, WinPcap, and TCPDUMP

Posted by riverbedtest on May 23, 2011


We've been talking it up now for a few weeks, but today is the big day.  This morning at 11am PT (2pm ET), Riverbed will host our very first Twitter party, "Meet the Packet Capture Innovators."

Steve McCanne (TCPDUMP), Gerald Combs (Wireshark, originally called Ethereal), and Loris Degioanni (WinPcap) will all be there and will share their stories with us.

In case you've missed the details, we'll start with the guys telling the story of how they started the products, and then how they met each other and eventually came to be working at Riverbed.  Once the story is done, they will be available to take questions.

So please bring your questions about Packet Capture, and remember the Twitter hashtag #packetcap so you can find us! 

You can get more details in the other blog post about the event.

We look forward to seeing you!


One Response to “THIS MORNING at 11am PT! Meet the guys behind Wireshark, WinPcap, and TCPDUMP”

  1. Leo Mazur said

    As I see it, your story is not getting the traction it deserves because financial journalists (and maybe even the people who write financial reports for brokers) do not have the technical background they need to understand your story.
    How are you working to overcome that?

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