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Remote access at warp speed

Posted by riverbedtest on May 19, 2011

Index Yesterday, InfoWorld published its review of Steelhead Mobile 3.1. It received a rave review and a score of nine out of ten.  Reviewer Keith Schultz had very complimentary things to say.  Keith notes that Steelhead Mobile takes advantage of best-in-class acceleration, the Mac version works like a champ, and best of all Steelhead Mobile just works. 

Here are some snippets from the review: Remote access at warp speed - Networking - InfoWorld

  • Instead of having to deploy a Steelhead appliance for even the smallest branch office, IT can simply push the Steelhead Mobile client to users' desktops and laptops, and they can take advantage of Riverbed's best-of-class acceleration and optimization wherever they might be — or roam.
  • Also new in Steelhead Mobile 3.1 is native support for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop traffic. For both Citrix terminal services and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) farms, Mobile now helps improve client response time over the WAN and reduce overall bandwidth needs. Mobile also automatically provides QoS for all Citrix traffic, resulting in more consistent and reduced response times. Configuration is limited to choosing the port for your XenApp traffic; there isn't anything else to worry about.
  • Steelhead Mobile 3.1 now runs on Mac OS X, and it works like a champ.
  • Performance keeps pace with its hardware-based cousin and the feature set is maturing nicely, with better SSL support, Citrix optimizations, and support for Windows SMB signing and encrypted MAPI. The Mac OS X client is the icing on the cake — and best of all, it just works.
  • The Steelhead Mobile Controller gives admins an easy way to view the effectiveness of their optimization policy and the overall capacity increase on the WAN.


It's great to see Steelhead Mobile getting the attention it so richly deserves.  If you're wondering how to give your road warriors the same kind of WAN Optimization and performance on the road that they get when they are in the office, the answer is Steelhead Mobile!


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