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The forecast was cloudy at Interop last week

Posted by bobegilbert on May 18, 2011

Las Vegas was a buzz last week as networking vendors showcased their latest and greatest product offerings.  Taking a stroll around the IT Expo show floor, it was obvious that cloud computing was the hot topic for vendors ranging from Intel to F5.






Vendors were demonstrating a variety of cloud technologies that essentially help to overcome many of the obstacles that companies are facing when leveraging the cloud for infrastrusture, platforms, and software as a service.  Much of the focus of the show was around security, management, and connectivity.

Riverbed on the other hand focused on another key cloud consideration and that is performance.  As I blogged about last week, performance is a major consideration for organizations looking to take advantage of the benefits that the cloud has to offer.  Riverbed hammered home this point with a daily booth demonstration of its Cloud Steelhead product.  Cloud Steelhead essentially provides LAN-like performance when accessing servers and applications hosted in the cloud.

To further demonstrate the cloud performance point, Riverbed held a contest where we asked folks to guess how long it would take to transfer (unoptimized and optimized) a 50MB file from the cloud to the Interop show floor. 

I believe our very own Sr. Director of Marketing Miles Kelly summed it up nicely when he basically said that Interop is demonstrating that the cloud is moving from hype to reality.



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