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March Performance Hall of Fame Winner

Posted by riverbedtest on May 17, 2011

On February 10th, a user called mikez posted an entry to the Performance Hall of Fame with the great title: "Riverbed made my LAN the BOTTLENECK!"

We love posts like that, and we're very pleased to say that a lot of other people loved it too.  It received the most kudos of any posting since it was posted, by the end of February, and so it is the March winner of the Performance Hall of Fame. 

How could you not love an entry that starts with:

"Why is our DR re-replication taking so long?" my supervisor asks.  "Is Riverbed working properly?"

After a little research, my answer was: "Yes…too well, in fact – our 100Mbps LAN is actually the bottleneck.  We need to upgrade to gig switches so that our LAN can keep up with our WAN!!"

How often do you hear a story like that? 

So congratulations and thank you to mikez for his fun and informative entry!

We'll have the April winner in a few days.  (Sorry for the delay!)  And please don't forget to enter our NEW "Riverbed Storytellers Contest."  Tell a cool story about Riverbed gear in your environment and win a super-cool iPod Nano Wrist Watch!


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