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Riverbed and Akamai delivering a global acceleration mesh

Posted by bobegilbert on May 11, 2011

Riverbed and Akamai's partnership announcement yesterday during the first day of Interop 2011 in Las Vegas was more than a simple company logo exchange.

The partnership will effectively create a total global acceleration mesh for all internet traffic, both Web and business IP that both companies will make available to customers. Customers will be able to achieve LAN speed access to cloud SAAS providers from any access point in the world.

From Microsoft 360 to to Google Apps, Riverbed and Akamai are partnering together to deliver high performance access to SaaS applications for users in far-flung branch offices or remotely connected road warriors that rely on these applications to get business done.


Above is a snapshot I took of Riverbed CEO Jerry Kennelly with Akamai CEO Paul Sagan during last night's reception at Interop 2011.  Both gentlemen shared their excitement about the partnership and how it will deliver tremendous value to the market.


2 Responses to “Riverbed and Akamai delivering a global acceleration mesh”

  1. As a Riverbed customer I find this new partership very promissing. I wonder whether companies that have invested heavily into internal WAN acceleration will be enabled to expand their optimized WAN infrastructure to the cloud providers without having to rip and replace the Steelheads, how costly will be the SaaS-side subscription and whether it will provide adequate security in the hosted space? Looking forward, good luck Riverbed and Akamai!

  2. so pretty.You are a good teacher. Lucky student!

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