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Interop is next week…will you be joining us?

Posted by riverbedtest on May 3, 2011

Interop.logo.2 A few days ago, Evan wrote about our plans for Interop 2011 in Las Vegas. The first Interop event I attended was waaaay back in 1995, during its Networld + Interop days in Atlanta. I was working for an electric utility company at the time, and my major project was connecting the corporate network to the Internet, configuring firewalls, and writing policies. The show's big deal then was for vendors to demonstrate interoperability; I recall being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of live network gear on the expo floor and (for the most part) it was all working very smoothly. The best part was the "behind the scenes" tour — I learned things there that I could immediately apply to my work.

I hope to return the favor next week during the two panel discussions I'm participating in. The first panel, Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Communications, occurs on Monday 9 May at 3:35 PM in South Seas B, and is part of the larger private cloud day portion of the Enterprise Cloud Summit. As the cloud marketplace and its technologies begin to mature, we're seeing enterprises adopt a mixed strategy — they're happy to move some workloads to public clouds, while they prefer to keep certain workloads on-premise. These on-premise workloads have characteristics that suit them to cloud-like development and deployment, and occasionally may even use public clouds for a subset of their tasks. "Stretched clouds," then, might actually become the prevalent model. A typical enterprise knowledge worker might be using a local resource at one moment, then a public cloud resource at another. As users switch among these resources, how can enterprises ensure a consistent experience, one that always feels local and keeps productivity high? We'll explore how to achieve this goal during the panel discussion.

The second panel, New Age of WAN Optimization, occurs on Thursday 12 May at 11:30 AM in Breakers L, and is part of the networking conference track. Each panelist will deliver a brief presentation — mine illustrates some interesting examples of optimization to, from, and between clouds. Following the presentations we'll take questions from the audience.

I plan to lurk in our booth in the expo hall during the remainder of the event. Hope to see you next week!


3 Responses to “Interop is next week…will you be joining us?”

  1. A. Van Cleave said

    Will you also be at Tech-Ed this year?

  2. Not this year, sorry…

  3. Love those! I enjoy following your posts on facebook and rss!

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