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Riverbed and the Job Growth Trend

Posted by bobegilbert on April 13, 2011


A recent story by US News & World Report spotlights Riverbed as an entrepreneurial company that has demonstrated great job growth.  As an employee that has been around since the early days, I can not only attest to the rapid job growth, but also the quality of employees that work at Riverbed.  Riverbed CEO Jerry Kennelly articulated very nicely what we are not looking for in a Riverbed employee:

"We're not looking for people who want to come into pre-defined, straight-jacketed positions; sit in a cube with their head down quietly; work 8 to 5; take no risks; and have no independent, original thoughts," Kennelly says. "That's the last person we want in this company." 

Riverbed is looking for smart, hard-working, and passionate folks that want to change the world by helping to deliver innovative technology to the market.  Our internal name for this is join the "Riverlution".

Interested in a job at Riverbed?  Please visit the careers section of our website at



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