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The Wonderful World of Wireshark

Posted by riverbedtest on April 7, 2011

Our guest blogger today is Yoav Eilat, the Director of Product Marketing for Riverbed's Cascade Products.

This week, Riverbed sponsored a series of seminars about Wireshark in 4 cities in the U.S. (Tampa, San Laura_chappell Antonio, Denver, and Falls Church, Virginia). Our speaker is Laura Chappell, a legend in the network analysis world, who regularly draws large audiences to her seminars.

Riverbed became the corporate sponsor of Wireshark as part of the acquisition of CACE Technologies back in October, when the CACE commercial products (Shark and Pilot) became part of the Riverbed Cascade product line. This gave us an opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the network analysis world, including Gerald Photo Combs and Loris Degioanni who now work at Riverbed. It’s just striking to see the large community around Wireshark and all the different ways that people use it to solve performance and security problems.

The most entertaining part of Laura’s seminar is to see how networking products reflect the nature of the vendors that make them. Armed with a packet analyzer, Laura can see which vendors care about Internet standards and which don’t… which Web browser is the most efficient… or which smartphone relentlessly grabs resources on Wi-Fi networks. As she keeps saying, “the packets never lie.” (Just for the record, Riverbed’s products don’t lie, either!)

If you’re interested in network analysis and visibility, make sure to check out Sharkfest, the annual Wireshark user conference being held June 13-16, 2011 at Stanford University. The event is also sponsored by Riverbed and will feature many great speakers from the networking world.



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  1. bring Laura to Berlin!

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