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Configuring the Steelhead appliance for RDP acceleration

Posted by bobegilbert on March 23, 2011


My blog last week featured a video demonstrating how Steelhead appliance can accelerate RDP 7 environments.  The blog triggered a number of inquiries about how to configure the Steelhead to achieve these type of results.

 Below is a list of the steps you need to take:


  1. Turn off RDP compression and encryption
  2.  Remove RDP (TCP port 3389) from the default "interactive' port labels list in the Steelhead appliance management console
  3.  Create an in-path rule for destination port 3389, with "neural framing mode" set to "never" and normal optimization

Note: If you are not familiar how to do this, please reference the "View WAN Reference Architecture" document on VMware's website

Performing these 3 simple configuration steps changes RDP from being passed-through unoptimized to being intercepted and optimized by Steelhead appliances.  Happy optimizing!


3 Responses to “Configuring the Steelhead appliance for RDP acceleration”

  1. Paul P said

    As simple as it sounds, I don’t know how to disable compression and encryption when Remote Desktop is used between two Windows 7 clients, any help appreciated!

  2. Bob Gilbert said

    Hi Paul, you need to configure the Remote Desktop Services configuration templates, turning off compression and encryption.
    Here is a link to the doc

  3. seo perth said

    Thanks for this tip on operating RDP in VM-Ware. I would like to print this guide.

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