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Riverbed and the Crisis in Japan

Posted by riverbedtest on March 21, 2011

In my nearly-a-year here at Riverbed, I have been very gratified to see the way my company and my co-workers respond to problems and crises in the world.  The ongoing problems in Japan are another outstanding example.  

Riverbed has taken a two-pronged approach to helping.

On a larger scale, our executives came forward and offered to match funds that our employees donate to relief efforts through Mercy Corps.  Specifically, if the employees came up with $40,000, the executives would match that with $10,000 of their own money.  It took just a few days for the roughly 1250 Riverbed employees to exceed $47,000 in donations as of this morning, with more coming in every day.

On a more personal scale, Riverbed has 13 employees located in Japan.  Our Employee Services team, led by Senior VP Mike Guerchon, has been in regular touch with them, and he assures us that they are all doing fine, though they have many issues with the availability of food, water, basic supplies, and transportation.  We arranged to evacuate our team and their families this past weekend, if they chose, to temporary housing and office space in Osaka, which we believe will give a larger buffer to any potential radiation.  We will provide them with apartment-style housing so the families can cook and have more room than a hotel would provide. 

Riverbed would take care of the costs for transportation and housing if our people decide to temporarily relocate. We have  large boxes of food and basic supplies like toilet paper on stand by that we can ship overnight to our people should they need them. We are in touch with our folks there multiple times per day to make sure that their needs are being taken care of.

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