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From fluff to rough: how cloud computing affects everyone, including you

Posted by riverbedtest on March 15, 2011

Cloud-cat Psst. Got a sec? Yeah, you. See, there's thing happening in IT Land. It's called cloud computing. It's kind of like the kitty box of technology: people are simultaneously drawn to it yet repelled by it. Guess what, though? It's here to stay. And it's completely changing relationships between groups of folks who spend a not insignificant amount of time avoiding each other socially and professionally. Well, that's about to change—starting Thursday 31 March. IEEE, Riverbed, Santa Clara University School of Engineering and Leavey School of Business invite you to an evening presentation: "Cloud Computing: A Multi-Disciplinary View From Technology, Business and Law."

Cloud-key Cloud computing requires the engagement of many disciplines across technology, business, and law. Contention between these disciplines is common, yet the success of cloud computing requires a new level of understanding how these fields can learn to work closer with each other. The adage “together we can be greater than the sum of our parts” has never been truer than now. Four panelists representing two technical aspects (security and performance), the business benefits, and the legal implications will join together for a lively discussion from which every attendee—no matter one’s specialty—is sure to learn something new and derive immediate benefit.

During the networking hour we invite you to enjoy wine with delicious food and mingle with like-minded professionals. Connect with the event sponsors (Riverbed and IEEE) and engage with the speakers:

IEEE-gold I'd like to thank Sachin Desai, one of our kernel developers with a keen interest in the intersection of technology and society. It was his idea to bring together multiple disciplines and he deftly handled all the behind-the-scenes organization.

Make room on your agenda to join us from 5:45 PM to 8:30 PM on Thursday 31 March at Santa Clara University. Enroll today, space is limited!


3 Responses to “From fluff to rough: how cloud computing affects everyone, including you”

  1. In the 90s I dreamed of being able to jam with musicians in other parts of the world. It can be a lifetime before humans with our dynamic lives can connect like several musicians can when jamming together. During that Jamming process, the players often relate that they can feel something in the middle of their foreheads regarding where the other players will be going. As if they “Feel” the mathematics of the music through emotions or perceptive direction. The “cloud” should be like that where different participants show perceives where the processes and purposes of the data will be going.
    Although we are doing some things that are helpful now, I think applications like CRM 2011 Online will be a good starting point as we create “Hybrid” methods of On Premises data use and cloud use.

  2. crm system said

    I don’t believe this new cloud hype is going to be so big. It’s just a blast and it’s over.

  3. I am agree with your statement that cloud computing affects many of our resources and business, it help our business network to grow more.

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