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Flashback: Riverbed ships first Steelhead appliances in April 2004

Posted by bobegilbert on March 9, 2011


Its hard to believe that it has been almost 7 years since we shipped our first product to our first customer.  To celebrate the anniversary, members from the original Riverbed team recently got together to take a photo with the first Steelhead appliance.

Here are the team members in this photo.

front row (left to right)
Viv Keswani (engineering), Claire Mosher (tech pubs), Bob Gilbert (marketing), Timothy Lee (QA), Nitin Gupta (engineering), David Wu (VP Engineering), Irene Yam (marketing), Lap Trac (engineering)

back row (left to right)
Bart Robinson (enginnering), Randy Gottfried (CFO), Mike Michon (QA), Jordan Share (IT), (engineering), Steve McCanne (co-Founder, CTO), Al Landrum (engineering), Phil Rzewski (engineering), Steve Smoot (VP Tech Operations), Gordon Chaffee (VP Engineering), Jerry Kennelly (co-Founder, CEO), Eric Wolford (SVP Marketing and Product Management), Not pictured:  Denis Murphy (VP of Sales)

Also note that a handful of ex. Riverbed employees are not pictured.



2 Responses to “Flashback: Riverbed ships first Steelhead appliances in April 2004”

  1. Happy Anniversary – it’s been a super ride so far!

  2. Bob Gilbert said

    Thanks William! Zycko has been a key part of our success for quite some time!

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