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Riverbed and The Microsoft Technology Centers

Posted by riverbedtest on March 3, 2011

The picture below of a pair of Riverbed Steelhead 2050H appliances may not look like much to you, but we're really excited about it.  It's actually where they sit that's so exciting; they are in the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in New York City.


Microsoft has invited Riverbed to place equipment in their MTCs all around the world, and our Alliances Team is hard at work making this happen.  Besides New York, you can find Steelhead appliances connected up and ready for demonstrations in Mountain View California, Paris, and Munich.  And the plan for the rest of 2011 calls for similar US installations in Chicago (next week), Reston, and Dallas, Texas.  Around the world, we're planning to install them in Dubai, Cologne, Beijing, India, and in the UK, all before the end of the year.  And we're planning to 2011-03-03_1221
get into more MTCs in 2012.


Because Microsoft recognizes what a good partner Riverbed is, and how we can make their products  work better and faster over the wide area network.  If you're using Sharepoint, we can make that run 50x faster or more.  We can accelerate SMB v2 (nobody else can).  We're partners with Microsoft Online, accelerating BPOS-D and Office 365.  We can accelerate CIFS by as much as 200x.  And we make Exchange (even encrypted MAPI), SQL, RDP, Office, TMG and Microsoft Dynamics faster.  We also expand and increase performance for Branch Cache.

Riverbed and Microsoft make excellent partners.  If you doubt that, drop by one of the MTCs where our gear is installed and see for yourself.


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