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On the proper use of naughty words around the Riverbed office…

Posted by riverbedtest on February 23, 2011

The “S” word has been thrown around a lot lately at Riverbed HQ in San Francisco, to point where our executive team thought it was time to do something about it.  No, not that “S” word, this is a family-friendly place after all.  The “S” word I’m referring to is solutions as in the sentence: “Wow, them sweet Riverbed solutions sure have saved my bacon!”

The problem with this particular “S” word is it gets bandied about so often it’s lost all meaning, much 1083424_market_on_the_rise__1 like that other overused attention-getter the “C” word, by which I mean cloud of course.  The word solution is trotted out there any time someone wants to sound like they’re selling something more than a point product.  The word cloud is tacked on anytime a company wants to increase its stock multiple. 

Bar-of-soap-in-mouth Right, then if these words are bad, why are we using them so much?  It all goes back to the basic reasons these words got so popular in the first place.  A solution by definition solves problems.  The cloud by definition introduces new options on how to do IT.

Riverbed is having a serious re-think as we evolve from a single technology offering into a grown up IT-performance player.  As phenomenally cool as Steelhead appliances are, we’ve decided it’s high time we broadened the portfolio.  Why?  Simple answer: to better serve our customers needs.

So rather than being just an extremely profitable WAN optimization box shifter, we bring to the table proper solutions that include:

  • Application Aware Network Performance Management for more visibility, faster problem resolution, and better alignment of IT to the business needs
  • Cloud Storage Acceleration for easy integration of data protection with public cloud storage and Cumulus_clouds_in_fair_weather the promised benefits
  • Advanced Quality of Service to better control and prioritize traffic, not just make it faster and slimmer
  • Vertical Expertise to address the biggest pain points of your specific industry
  • Professional Services for training, consulting, and award winning support around the globe
  • Technology Alliances with Industry Leaders for advanced features and reduced integration risk
  • A wide range of Channel Partners for added value in bundling and delivering complementary offerings, giving you more buying options

What do you get when a company broadens its focus beyond just having the best flagship WAN optimization product family?  You get well rounded, customer-oriented solutions to solve real challenges you face in IT performance.  That, my friends, is a solution, and that’s the new Riverbed vision. 


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