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Sharing some Riverbed love

Posted by riverbedtest on February 14, 2011

Three-red-hearts-clipart I've written before about how great it is to be part of a company about which customers, columnists, and industry analysts consistently say such nice things.  I thought that for Valentine's Day I'd share some examples of the love that Riverbed gets shown on a regular basis. 

One of the places that our users get to show us some love is in our Riverbed Performance Hall of Fame (PHOF).  We encourage our users to brag about the performance improvements that they've seen since they implemented their Steelhead appliances with text and with graphics.  Here are a couple of examples with links back to the listings on the Performance Hall of Fame page.  You'll find lots more on the page itself.  (When you visit, please be sure you spend a few minutes awarding Kudos (votes) to some of the entries that you like.)

Steelheads Rev Up Internet Cafes in Afghanistan.  My recent favorite comes from our troops in Afghanistan Afghanistan, where they use Steelhead appliances to enhance performance at Internet Cafes that support the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) needs of the troops.

540.84X BW Optimization to one application … Amazing 🙂 This unbelievable statistic is shown graphically in this PHOF entry.  They saw a reduction in bandwidth of better than 99%, cutting WAN traffic from 1220GB to about 2 1/2 GB.

Analysts are showing us some love too.  The results of Gartner's WAN Optimization Magic Quadrant, which were released last month, made a lot of people smile over here.  And, InfoWorld named us their WAN Optimization product of the Year for the sixth straight time.

We see a lot of love on Twitter too.

Untitled So yeah, there's lots of love around for Riverbed.  If you've got wide area networks, you should take a look.  You'll love what we can do for you, too.

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