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Riverbed Delivering Enhanced Control

Posted by riverbedtest on February 8, 2011

Today's guest blogger is Riverbed's Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager for the Steelhead Appliance, Vikram Ramesh. 

Riverbed yesterday announced the next release of the RiOS  v6.5, which powers the company's award-winning WAN optimization solutions and Cascade v9.0, its advanced network and application performance analysis and visibility solution, that provide globally connected enterprises with business-level visibility and control for all types of traffic and all applications.

I wanted to especially focus on the enhancements we have delivered to our advanced QoS engine as a part of this release.

A WAN optimization solution needs to classify applications accurately and apply quality of service rules and policies that help ensure the high performance of business-critical applications. Controlling applications effectively requires visibility to determine which applications need to be protected, which applications should be contained, and how much bandwidth should be allocated to each. 

Most WAN optimization vendors use a combination of deep packet inspection (DPI) and basic QoS schedulers, which fail to enhance applications that are sensitive to latency and packet loss, including business VoIP, video, and interactive Web applications. This combination also does little for recreational applications that port-hop, or that change and maskprotocols.

Riverbed QoS Engine – Delivering Enhanced Control for Fine–tuned IT Performance

With this release of RiOS 6.5, Riverbed delivers the uniquecombination of an application classification engine (AppFlow®) and an advanced scheduling technique based on Hierarchical Fair Service Curves (HFSC) that not only allocates minimum and maximum bandwidth, but also prioritizes applications based on their latency sensitivity. To simplify and accelerate the setup of QoS policies, Steelhead offers built-in policy templates that deliver plug & play deployment.

Riverbed AppFlow – Application Classification Engine

The Riverbed AppFlow engine utilizes a variety of techniques, often in combination, to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of its real-time network traffic classification. These techniques include port-based classification, application signature matching, protocol dissection, future flow registration, behavioral classification and others, to identify applications that may hop ports or be otherwise hard todetect. The AppFlow engine can identify and classify hundreds of common enterprise applications and is configurable to classify thousands of customapplications. This ensures that critical applications like web, voice and video are protected while recreational applications are contained.

Riverbed Hierarchical Fair Service Curve (HFSC) Scheduling

The Riverbed HSFC scheduler not only addresses the allocation of minimum and maximum bandwidth (as many products do), but also prioritizes and schedules applications based on their latency sensitivity, thus eliminating jitter and starvation of applications. Steelhead appliances can apply these state-of-the-art techniques while remaining compatible with QoS enforcement on routers and other devices. 

In conclusion, the Riverbed QoS engine delivers the highest level of granularity, performance, and ease of management. With Riverbed appliances, customers get best-of-breed WAN Optimization solutions that deliver fine-grained classification and control over the applications that traverse the network,helping deliver the utmost control and acceleration, thereby enabling organizations to work better and faster.


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