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Keeping your business going through a Snowpocalypse

Posted by riverbedtest on January 28, 2011

Pb-101215-snow-jw-8a.photoblog900 If you live in the eastern or midwestern US, you don't need those of us who work for a San Francisco-based company to tell you what a miserable winter it's been.  (Note that I am writing this from Northern New Jersey, where outside my window there are snow piles four and five feet high…)  There were reports earlier this week of normally-60-minute evening commutes taking six and eight hours in the metro Washington DC area, and snowstorms have shut things down as far south as Atlanta this winter.  And it's not even February yet! 

When I put on the local TV news lately, so much of what I see is Snowpocalypse "snowpocalypse" and "snowcatastrophe" wall-to-wall coverage of reporters standing on the side of the busy roads with their trusty yardsticks telling us how bad the conditions are and that we should all stay home.  (I always wonder how THEY got there…) 

Fog For some businesses, a bad snowstorm or other calamity means that their employees get a day off and stay home.  For other businesses, employees have laptop computers and internet access and can work from home.  The network connections that employees have at home are often slower than at work, and if employees are accustomed to having Riverbed Steelhead-optimized networks at the office, then working from home is a LOT slower, and may be totally impractical.

 Snow_trafficThat's one of the real strengths of Riverbed's Steelhead Mobile, a software-based version of our Steelhead Ice_road_truckers-500x333 Appliance that runs on laptop and portable computers (PCs and Macs) and gives mobile users the same kind of optimization (deduplication, application streamlining, and protocol streamlining) that they have come to expect when they're at the office.  We believe that Steelhead Mobile should be part of any organization's Business Continuity plans since it lets the business continue without interruption when an external situation interrupts business operations.

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