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Posted by riverbedtest on January 24, 2011

If you've been reading the Riverbed "Think Fast" Blog over the last six to eight months, you may have noticed that one person has been responsible for the majority of the blogging.  That'd be me, Evan Marcus, Marketing Evangelist.

Effective this week, we're introducing a change to that approach.  We are inviting a variety of different  people around Riverbed, including executives, and experienced and knowledgeable Riverbed people from Product Cloud-in-blue-skyMarketing, the field and other parts of the company to write their own blog entries.  You can look for the first of these bloggers, Eric Thacker, the newest member of Riverbed Product Marketing and the Director of Product Marketing for Whitewater, and his first-ever Riverbed blog tomorrow. He'll have some very interesting observations about the Cloud.  (I hesitate to call Eric and everyone else who'll be participating "Guest Bloggers" because we expect that they'll make multiple appearances.)

The goal of our new approach is to have new Riverbed blog entries run three to four days per week, with five or more entries some weeks.  We hope to have two new bloggers Calendarincluded in the mix every week. Bloggers will repeat every 2 months or so.  If some turn out to be more popular, we may ask them to go more often.

We hope that this approach to blogging will provide our audience with a real variety of perspectives, approaches, and writing styles about Riverbed itself, as well as the industries, partners, and products that Riverbed touches.

As always, we look for your comments on whatever and whoever appears in our blog.  Please don't hesitate to add your comments below.

And thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “More Different Voices”

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