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The December Performance Hall of Fame Winner

Posted by riverbedtest on January 14, 2011

Another month and another Performance Hall of Fame winner.  Our winner for December is kdepue whose entry, Holy Cow 6.5 TB of Snapmirror traffic eliminated, pulled in the most kudos (votes).  Untitled

As you can see from the diagram, he actually removed 6.8TB from his network, and saw a bandwidth reduction between 94 and 99%. 

Kdepue is a Senior Network Engineer for an international insurance company with operations in the US, Canada, Europe (London, Ireland, Italy, and Spain) and Australia.  They have deployed 13 Steelhead Appliances over the last two years, and are planning to deploy 9 more during the first quarter of 2011. 

As you can tell from the title, even though they use the Steelhead Appliances to improve performance for HTTP, HTTPS, ICA, Exchange, SRDF, and home grown applications, they have gotten the greatest benefit from the optimization of NetApp SnapMirror replication traffic because they replicate so much data.  They saw an effective bandwidth increase of nearly 17x.

The benefit was so great that they were able to relocate the DR site for their southern California location to their midwest-US data center, which allowed them to better use their MPLS network and retire their expensive point-to-point networks between sites, and without affecting other production network traffic.

Obviously kdepue and his whole organization are enthusiastic Riverbed users, and we thank them for letting us share their story.

By the way, we're extending the Performance Hall of Fame into 2011, so get your entries and your votes in today!  You can help choose the next winner… that winner could even be you!


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