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Four Brand New Whitewater Stories

Posted by riverbedtest on January 10, 2011

Riverbed Whitewater Appliance is a new product that we introduced back in November.  It optimizes backups into the cloud, using the same kinds of deduplication and optimization that Steelhead appliances use across the WAN.  It brings tremendous security (SSL, 256-bit AES), and a huge reduction in the amount of data that flows into the cloud, while keeping a local copy of the backed up data on the appliance.  And it works with most current backup applications (NetBackup, Backup Exec).

Below you'll find four brand new videos of Riverbed customers saying great things about how easy Whitewater is to implement, and the value they've received.

Check them all out.  Each speaker discusses different benefits that he and his organization have seen.

First up, Jeff Roundtree of Pump Solutions.


Next it's Mitchel Weinberger, IT Manager at GeoEngineers.


Third, we have Jeff Cummings from Lighthouse Document Technologies.


And finally, we've got Ben Bailey at Applied Voice and Speech Technology.


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  1. miumiu said

    Your blog is rich in knowledge and I’ve seen a lot of knowledge

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