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No slowing down for Riverbed in 2011

Posted by riverbedtest on January 6, 2011

As we look forward to 2011, it's insightful to reminisce about the past year that has so quickly gone by. For Riverbed, 2010 was yet another busy year filled with a number of milestones. Here is a brief summary of what we accomplished in 2010:

In January 2010 we released Cascade version 8.4, which provided special integration with the Steelhead to allow customers to measure and compare performance in both optimized and non-optimized environments, as well as continuously monitor the end-user experience.

In February 2010 we introduced the Steelhead 7050 series, the first and only WAN optimization appliance to store 100% of its data on solid state disks (SSD's).  The Steelhead 7050 has been demonstrated to deliver true end-to-end multi-gigabit optimized performance.

In June 2010 we released RiOS 6.1, a new software release that delivers application-specific optimizations for Microsoft Exchange 2010, Sharepoint, and BPOS-D, as well as storage protocol-specific optimizations for EMC SRDF and FCIP.

In August 2010 we released Virtual Steelhead, extending Riverbed WAN optimization capabilities to virtual environments as well as those that have ruggedized and other special hardware requirements.

In September 2010 we released Steelhead Mobile version 3.1, which added Riverbed's encrypted Exchange, Sharepoint, and Citrix ICA optimizations for mobile users.  Steelhead Mobile 3.1 is also the first WAN optimization software client to support Apple Macintosh operating systems.

In November 2010 we released Cloud Steelhead, the first WAN optimization product specifically designed for the Public Cloud.

In December 2010 we released Whitewater, Riverbed's cloud backup product.  Whitewater allows customers to revolutionize their data backup strategy, using the Cloud as backup media in addition to or instead of tapes.

During the year we also made two acquisitions (CACE Engineering, and Global Protocols) that added new products and technology that complement our existing product line.

So given all that we've accomplished in 2010, what more can customers expect from Riverbed in 2011?  Unfortunately, I couldn't answer that question without a mutual NDA in a private setting.  However, there are a few clues we can discern from Riverbed's past history:

1)  Riverbed has always been in a mode of continuous innovation, consistently introducing significant new product capabilities in every year since the Steelhead product's initial release in 2004. 

2)  Due to the company's success and growth, Riverbed now has more development engineers and resources than in any other year in its past.

Given these observations, it makes sense to expect Riverbed to deliver even more fascinating innovations and capabilities to customers in 2011!


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