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Riverbed: How Do I Love Thee?

Posted by riverbedtest on December 29, 2010

200px-Sonnets1609titlepage Sounds as though we've written a sonnet to Riverbed.  Not quite.  But what we do have is a great entry posted on the virtuallyEffortless blog, a blog dedicated to server and application virtualization.  An author who goes by the moniker s002spa (probably not his given name) has written a wonderful piece about how easy Riverbed Steelhead Appliances are to implement ("it *just works*") and about the remarkable amount of data it got off of his WAN ("Ninety.  Four.  Percent.").  He even discusses the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP), and how it helped him reduce the number of servers he has installed.

A few other quotes:

"Whatever these appliances are doing behind the curtain they do it EXTREMELY well"
"It’s not hard to imagine how these appliances can be leveraged to tackle some formerly *impossible* tasks in your environment."
"I was effectively spared from having to transmit over 1TB of data across the WAN.  Simply amazing!!!"

It's always nice to see rave reviews about our stuff.  We know it's all true, but when someone else writes so glowingly about it, we especially love it!  He's saying the things that we say around here all the time.

Thanks, s002spa!  And have a happy and healthy new year, everybody!  See you in 2011!


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