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Autodesk University 2010

Posted by riverbedtest on December 1, 2010

Au2008_logo We're coming to you today from The Mandalay Bay Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, where we are attending Autodesk University 2010.  More precisely, we're working the booth on the Expo floor.  You can find us in booth #1622.  The expo started last night at 6pm when the doors were opened and the place filled with conference attendees.  This is an extremely well-attended conference with attendees from all over the world.

Riverbed WAN Optimization had been mentioned by name in a couple of the breakout sessions earlier in the day yesterday, and so we had a bunch of people stop by the booth who were not otherwise familiar with WAN Optimization.  Many of the questions we heard had to do with Autodesk's Revit Revit Logo Building Information Management software, and whether or not Steelhead appliances could speed up Revit activity across the WAN.  The answer is that we most definitely can.  We have documented results that show a 44x improvement in application performance and a 4-5x reduction in bandwidth.

The result is that you don't need local Revit servers in your branch offices to enable collaboration if you have Riverbed optimizing your WAN.  If you already do have branch office Revit servers, then you'll see a dramatic improvement in sync performance between the data center and the branch office's server.

Collaboration Systems Group Logo Our friends and partners at Collaboration Systems Group, in booth #1623 (right behind our booth) are demonstrating the combination of Riverbed Steelhead appliances and Revit in their booth, and drawing quite a crowd.

If you're in town for Autodesk University, please make a point of stopping by the booth and saying hi.  We'd love to see you.

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  1. Thanks first for informing…
    I think we can do something more to increase the performance of transfer between the respected data centre and the main branch server…

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