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New, Improved & Merged Riverbed Community & Support Forums

Posted by riverbedtest on November 29, 2010

We are proud and excited to unveil our new Community and Support Forums.  In the past, the two forums have been kept on two separate web sites, but a couple of months back we decided that everyone would benefit if we merged the two forums into a single site.  

Support customers benefit by having access to more general content, and by having more users who can help them answer their questions.  Community users get a huge infusion of new users and experience into their forums.  And users of both boards no longer have to sign into two different places.  

We kept just about every post (we did clean up a teeny bit along the way…), and we reorganized and merged similar boards.  That process continues, but the boards have largely settled down.  We're glad to say that overall traffic has increased, and that we are getting good responses to user questions.  Some of those responses come from Riverbed employees (special thanks to the guys on the Tech Support team!), while others come from regular users like you.  

The 2010 Performance Hall of Fame continues as well, and can be found within the new Community site.  If you haven't entered or voted yet, there's still time to do both.

Come see the forums at  If you've never visited before, make sure you register and join the conversation.  We'd love to have you!

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