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October Winner for the Performance Hall of Fame

Posted by riverbedtest on November 2, 2010

We are very excited to announce the October winner of the Riverbed Performance Hall of Fame.  The winner is amccabe, whose post "14Gb of Citrix Traffic Saved Per Month" received the most votes (kudos) on our Performance Hall of Fame Web Site for the month.  

He reports that his UK-based organization saved that much traffic across their transatlantic link, over which they run an ERP application.  This was a huge savings for them.

Citrix Optimization

As the chosen entry for the month, amccabe wins a Flip Video Camera to go with the special Riverbed Performance Hall of Fame t-shirt he already received.

It's not too late for YOU to get into the Riverbed Performance Hall of Fame.  You don't even have to publicize your company if you don't want to.  Post the amazing performance results and describe them briefly, and you're in.  And please don't forget to vote for the other entries, too.



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