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Customer Testimonial: Greg Moore of SRG Partnership Architects

Posted by riverbedtest on October 29, 2010

We have posted a new customer testimonial from Greg Moore, the IT Director at SRG Partnership Architects in Portland, Oregon. 

I met Greg at a recent Riverbed User Group function in Portland, and he approached me just to tell me about his enthusiasm for our products and for the remarkable results he and his firm have seen.  When we suggested that perhaps he might want to do a testimonial video, he jumped at the chance. 

We don't take Greg's enthusiasm for Riverbed lightly; he's an industry veteran of nearly 20 years who has seen a lot of technology. 

If YOU have had some good experiences with Riverbed products, including Steelheads, Cascade, or Riverbed Professional Services or Support, and you'd like to share them with the world, let us know. We are always looking for testimonials.

Thanks to Greg for his enthusiastic endorsement.



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