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Riverbed goes application-aware with CACE acquisition

Posted by bobegilbert on October 21, 2010

Riverbed announced today the acquisition of CACE Technologies.  This acquisition brings state-of-the-art network traffic recording, analysis, and inspection to our Cascade solution for network and application visibility.

Talk about synergies.  Not only will CACE bring innovate application-aware capabilities to the Riverbed product family, the fact that the flagship product is named the Shark appliance is already a good sign that it will fit in well with Riverbed's other fishy named Steelhead appliance product.

There is also a nice blog post within the Wireshark community at

2 Responses to “Riverbed goes application-aware with CACE acquisition”

  1. Joel said

    Congratulations Bob! Looks like every Wireshark user will now be using a Riverbed product 🙂 You guys are picking up a lot of solid talent with that move.

  2. Bob Gilbert said

    Thanks Joel. What excites me the most is that I am personally a big Wireshark fan as are many of our customers. Feels very synergistic.

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